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XXV Contest of the Chestnut Arriondas 2015

XXV Contest of the Chestnut Arriondas 2015

XXV Contest of the Chestnut Arriondas 2015
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    The XXV Contest of the Chestnut and Products of the Kitchen garden will take place on November 7 and 8 days of 2015 in Arriondas.

    There will be producers from the area with the best products from the orchard and the best chestnuts. In the chestnut contest, the jury will assess the shape, color and weight; they will also value that they are whole, healthy, clean, without damage; also the number of varieties presented and the form of presentation.
    For the product section of the garden, the number of species presented, the quality of the products, the presentation and the appearance of the same will also be assessed.

    It will also take place XXIII Confectionery Contest.
    All those people, collectives or establishments that wish to do so will be able to participate in the contest and it will be an indispensable condition that the contest dishes have chestnuts as a basic ingredient. All the works will be delivered to the organization on Sunday November 8 between 10: 30 and 11: 30 hours.

    XIV Sample of Ecological Agricultural Products.
    Today the demand for organic food increases rapidly and the number of organic products registered in the COPAE increases every year, for this reason the Agricultural and Ecological Products Contest is convoked, which all producers who wish to participate and who in possession of the Official Certification that guarantees that its products have been harvested according to the norms of ecological agriculture.

    XXV Shows Popular Craft Contest.
    A great variety of disciplines to contest and with a good sample: ceramics, basketry, musical instruments, jewelry, metal, paper and cardboard, stone and marble, leather ...

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