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XXIX Chestnut Festival 2019

XXIX Chestnut Festival 2019

XXIX Chestnut Festival 2019

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    The contest will take place in Arriondas on November 16 and 17 of 2019, in Venancio Pando Square and adjacent area.

    This event aims to disseminate the chestnut and the products of the garden, as well as other products or elements linked to the agricultural sector and the agri-food industry and, in general, with the economic promotion and projection of the Parragués municipality. The only requirement to be able to participate and, where appropriate, qualify for the different prizes is to be a harvester of said products or craftsman of the same, and to comply with the hygienic-sanitary quality standards and that the processed products are identified by their corresponding label , having a sanitary registry.

    The qualifying jury of the Contest of Chestnut and Products of the Garden will be formed by technical personnel of recognized solvency, and will be appointed by the Ministry of Rural Development, Agroganadería and Pesca. Your ruling will be final.

    Opening hours
    Saturday 16, from 11: 00 h. to 20: 00 h.
    · 17 Sunday, from 10: 00 h. to 15: 00 h.

    There is also a contest for:
    · Amateur and professional pastry.
    · Contest-Sample of organic agricultural products.
    · Popular crafts.

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