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XXII Jornadas de la Matanza en Caso

XXII Jornadas de la Matanza en Caso

XXII Jornadas de la Matanza en Caso
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    From Saturday 3 day to Sunday December 11 day, we celebrate the XXII Gastronomic Days of the Matanza en Caso. #ParkNaturaldeRedes
    The participating 11 restaurants in the area will prepare 6 dishes that are a whole homage to the typical # gastronomy of this area of ​​#Asturias and the dishes that are made around the #pig slaughter.

    Unique menu for 22 € compound:
    Liver soup
    Fresh blood sausage
    Pig hands
    Quesu Casín

    Restaurants that participate:
    La Carasca, Orlé
    The Braña, The Tozu
    Land of Water, Caleao
    Rte. Casa Zulima, Caleao
    The Encruceyada, The Encruceyada
    The Tropical, El Campu
    Hotel Rte. Arnicio, El Campu
    El Mirador, Tanes
    Casería La Infiesta, La Infiesta
    The Devoyu Cave, Les Yanes
    La Campa, El Campu

    Bon appetit!

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