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XV Caravia Kite Festival

XV Caravia Kite Festival

Good winds blow

XV Caravia Kite Festival

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    The festival will take place the 03 and 04 days of June on La Espasa beach, in the municipality of Caravia.
    In this edition, in addition to participants from Asturias, there will be participants from a large part of the national territory, such as Galicia, the Basque Country, Catalonia, Castilla y León, Madrid and Navarra.

    Saturday, June 03 day of the 2017
    · Presentation, reception and delivery of accreditations to those registered.
    · Wind garden, using recycled material.
    · Introductory course to Kite Revolution (Taught by Team Bolau).
    · Free flight.

    · Workshop on "Cariocas Pipes" - Brazilian traditional kites (Taught by Hilson Nascimento).
    · Workshop of "Paper Kites" (Taught by Sierpe).
    · Contest "Painting the Wind" (Painting on Stones).
    · Workshop "Space Rocket" (Taught by Marcos Álvarez).
    · Program of flight exhibitions (free-style, combats, ballet, ...)
    · Skill contests with Revos (four-line precision kites).
    · Mega Team: Kite flying in a group.
    · Introductory course to Kite Revolution (Taught by Team Bolau).
    · Festival photo + awards ceremony + espicha.
    · Free night flight.

    Sunday, June 04 day of the 2017
    · Free flight.
    · Flight exhibition program.
    · Kite workshop for children.
    · Messages to the wind.
    · Launch of gifts, paratroopers and candies from kites.
    · Aerial photography from the kites (KAP).
    · Mega Team: kite flight in group.

    · Free flight.
    · Closing and farewell of the festival.

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