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XLIX Cabrales Cheese Contest 2019

XLIX Cabrales Cheese Contest 2019

XLIX Cabrales Cheese Contest 2019

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    This 25 August will be again the party in the council of Cabrales, party that summons lovers of gastronomy. Visitors buy at the stalls while the hoteliers bid at the auction for the winning pieces of the contest in which most of the 25 processors with Protected Designation of Origin compete.

    The cheeses are analyzed by a expert jury who can award a maximum of 126 points to the piece that best qualities meet. In theory, the bark should be soft, thin, unctuous, gray in color with yellow-reddish areas. You do not have to present cracks or strange marks. The paste must preserve a smooth, compact and eyeless consistency, ivory white, homogeneous throughout the dough, as well as the penicillium.

    10: 00 h. Demonstration elaboration of Cabrales Cheese.
    11: 00 h. Parade accompanying the Xana and Pastora Mayor in charge of the Band of Bagpipes Picos de Europa DOP Cabrales and Band of Bagpipes Fonte Fuecara de Trubia.
    12: 00 h. Proclamation by Inaciu Galán.
    13: 00 h. Awards.
    14: 00 h. Auction of the winning cheese.
    · 17:30 h. Folk Festival: Band of Bagpipes Fonte Fuecara de Trubia; L'endeguedellu de Langreo; Group of the Snows of Tanos, Cantabria; Pericote de Llanes and Corri, Corri de Arenas de Cabrales.
    19: 00 h. Bowling match Arenas de Cabrales public bowling alley.

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