XIX Festival Intercéltico d'Occidente

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XIX Festival Intercéltico d'Occidente is celebrated in Tapia de Casariego from 12 to 17 in August. A musical event that brings together dozens of musicians and thousands of attendees in the village. We detail the whole festive program of the tapiega appointment.

Tuesday 11 AUGUST
NOITE DA FALA. 20: 30 Inauguration Xornadas Culturlingua. Hall d'actos da Casa de Cultura.
Presentation of the book "As tres Xarolas" by Súa author, Inés Fernández Fernández.
Presentation of the book «Parzamique in Brañavara / Conversation in Brañavara» by the author, Alfredo González Fernández (Fredo de Carbexe).

Wednesday 12 AUGUST
· 19: 00 Official inauguration of the XIX edition of the Intercéltico Festival of the West.
· 19: 00 The Fala Historical Park: Exhibition "Books in Fala" at the Tapia Library until 20: 00 h.
· 19: 15 CELTA Market Opening. It will be located in the squares of the Constitution and Campogrande and will have about sixty craft stalls. The usual schedule will be from 11 in the morning to 10 in the evening.
· 20: 00 Animation by the Taipega Marine Gaitas Band.
· 20: 30 The Fala Historical Park: Talk «Os nomes dos nosos venos» by Miguel Rodríguez Monteavaro. Assembly hall of the House of Culture.
· 21: 15 Musical closing by the white accordionist.

Thursday 13 AUGUST
· 12: 00 Opening of the International School of Folk Music.
Instrument course of the Asturian tradition by the musician David Varela. It will be taught in the auditorium of the House of Culture.
· 12: 30 Inauguration of the exhibition «GALICIA NA MÚSICA».
This workshop can be visited in the exhibition hall of the Marqués de Casariego de Tapia Institute. It will be in charge of the Vigués collective «Artesanía Os Alegres», founded in 1939 and that since 1974 is dedicated to the restoration and manufacture of old instruments. The exhibition will be open until Saturday at 11: 30 to 13: 30 and 19: 00 to 20: 30.
· 13: 30 Musical ambience in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento. Parade and shows by bandina Ayalga.
· 19: 00 The Fala Historical Park: Exhibition "Books in Fala" at the Tapia Library until 20: 00 h.
· 20: 30 Jam Session. The Group The Koku The Apple and the Group Ayalga will offer a folk concert in acoustic. Tapia Park.
· 23: 30 The bandina The Koku The Apple will be in charge of animating the tapiega night. Verbena, port of Tapia.

· 13: 00 Musical ambience in the Port and in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento. Parade and sample of Bagpipes Band Camín de Fierro and Bagad Pays des Abers (Bro An Aberioù).
· 16: 30 Ethnographic workshop for children. Town Hall Square.
· 18: 00 Snack and surprises.
· 19: 30 Folk International Music School. Violin Master Class by Leslie Jordan, member of the Sheela na gig group. Assembly hall of the House of Culture.
· 20: 00 Children's Festival of Celtic Culture. Port of Tapia de Casariego.
· 20: 45 Folk International Music School. Galician tambourine workshop by members of the bag band Airiños de Fene.
· 23: 30 Noite folk Playa del Murallón: Sheela Na Gig and Iñaki Plaza.

Saturday 15 AUGUST
· 12: 00 Tribute to the sailors.
The Interceltic Festival gives continuity to this emotional event that takes place every year at the Os Cañóis viewpoint. The participating groups, facing the sea, will pay tribute to all those sailors who have lost their lives at sea and also to those who every day earn their living in the waters of the Bay of Biscay. Parade
· 12: 30 Radio Program dedicated to the Festival. Directed by Pedro Fernández and Jesús Fernández (Friends of the History of Tapia), Radio Clock Radio 107.1 FM, will be dedicated to FID'O. Components of all bands will participate in it and, in turn, Cristobal Ruitiña will present his book «The Galicia Battalion». It will take place in the port of Tapia de Casariego and will be open to all audiences.
· 13: 00 Workshop International School of Folk Music. Asturian dance workshop by the Trebeyu dance group. Town Hall Square.
· 13: 30 Performance through the streets of Tapia. In charge of the Banda de gaitas de Galicia Airiños de Fene.
· 19: 30 International School of Folk Music. Presentation of the book «Ornamentation na Gaita Asturiana» by its author, Balbino Menéndez Suárez, director of the Camín de Fierro Bagpipes Band. Assembly hall of the House of Culture.
· 20: 15 International Folk Music School. Master Class of Celtic instruments by members of the Celtic Orchestra. Assembly hall of the House of Culture.
· 20: 30 Shows in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento. Performance of the Bagad Pays des Abers.
· 23: 30 MURALLÓN FOLK: Asturian Celtic Orchestra and Airiños de Fene.

Sunday 16 AUGUST
· 11: 30 Dawn of the sea. The bands are concentrated at the end of the pier, where they start the parade through the streets of Tapia. The procession closes the parade in the parish church of San Esteban, where the folk mass will be officiated at 13 hours.
· 13: 45 Reception and municipal greeting.
Official reception by the municipal corporation to all the participating bands in this nineteenth edition of FID'O. The act will take place in the plenary hall of the City Council.
· 19: 30 International Folk Music School. Master Class by the bagpiper Rigu Suárez on the Midi bagpipe. Assembly hall of the House of Culture.
· 20: 00 Closure of the International School of Folk Music. Master Class by Andrés Penabad on the accordion. Auditorium of Tapia de Casariego.
· 22: 30 MURALLÓN FOLK: Andrés Penabad and Seu.

Monday 17 OF AUGUST
Closing of the TENTH NOVENA edition of the Festival Intercéltico d'Occidente. Arriado of the Celtic Flag.

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