XIX Jornadas de la Matanza Amieva 2016

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The XIX Days of the Slaughter of Amieva and the Alto Sella have arrived. One more year we have already on the table this unmissable winter gastronomic event in the region of Picos de Europa.
The innkeepers maintain the same price as in previous years: 25 euros each adult and 12 euros each minor of 12 years (With access to the nine dishes as the elderly).
On Friday 29 January of 2016 at the Ateneo de Sames took place the presentation of these XIX Days of Slaughter.

They will be celebrated all the weekends of the month of February, being recommended to make the reservation in advance.
In the price of the menu are included nine strong dishes: liver soup, pot of cabbage, borona pregnant, hands of gochu, tripe, braised tongue, boronzu fritu, picadillo, fried loin, homemade desserts, coffee and wine crianza DO Navarra.

The participating restaurants this year are:
* Severe House in Sobrefoz (985 843 234 - 620 134 533)
* Alto Sella in Corigos (985 944 903 - 616 198 821)
* Camín de los Beyos in Campurriondi (985 944 698 - 606 625 864)
* Casona de Mestas in Mestas de Ponga (985 843 055)
* Dobra Bridge in Tornín (985 848 342 - 606 424 254)

coordinates Latitude: 43.3164253 Length: -5.1294789

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