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XIV Popular Race Bear Trail

XIV Popular Race Bear Trail

XIV Popular Race Bear Trail

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    The Department of Education, Culture and Sports of the City of Teverga organizes the celebration of XIV Popular Race Bear Trail, José Ramón Álvarez Argüelles memorial, to be held next Sunday 10 May day of 2015.

    The inscriptions to participate in the race will be made through the internet, in the page tevergaturismo.com filling the corresponding form of inscription that is in the section of the race. The registration period ends on Thursday 8 day of May at 20.00h or once the maximum number of registrations is reached, established at four hundred people this year. The registration fee will be 12 € and can be made through the online payment gateway.
    More info e Online registration

    It's a popular race, half marathon, without homologation on firm concrete floor, which will run along the path of the Bear, the output will be at 11: 00 hours in the morning from the recreational area of ​​Tuñón (Santo Adriano) and arrival in San Martín de Teverga. The duration of the test will be two and a half hours maximum, closing the control of it at the end of that time.

    You can collect more information in the mail of Tevergaturismo.
    Phone: 985 76 42 02 (mornings).

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