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XII Days of Flour and Corn of Llanes

XII Days of Flour and Corn of Llanes

XII Days of Flour and Corn of Llanes

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    The Gastronomic Days of Flour and Corn of Llanes 2017 will take place during the next two weekends: from 10 to 12 and from 17 to March 19.

    The menus, with a wide variety of dishes and wines with Designation of Origin, will have a price of 19,80 euros, VAT included.

    The gastronomic days are organized by the City Council of Llanes and the Llanisca Association of Restaurants (Allares), with the collaboration of Fomtur, which will offer a 15% discount on your accommodations for participants in the days.

    This year also includes guided visits to Molín de la Pevida, in Vibaño, organized by Balmori Eventos :. They are free and will be held on Saturdays at 12.30:17.30 and 12.30:626, and on Sundays at 99:03. It is essential to book the visit in advance, by calling 98 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX.

    Participating restaurants:

    Arbor Restaurant La Hacienda de Don Juan
    C / La Concepción, 5. Llanes
    +985 403 559
    More info Hacienda de Don Juan Restaurant

    Hotel Restaurant Kaype-Quintamar
    Beach of Mud. Mud
    +985 400 900
    More info Hotel Kaype Quintamar

    - Sidrería El Puerto
    C / Marqués de Canillejas, 3. Llanes Phone 984 18 21 59.

    - Contamos Contigo Restaurant
    Ardisana Phone 985 92 56 09.

    - Hotel Restaurant La Palma de Llanes
    The Arquera, Llanes. Phone 985 40 17 26.

    -Restaurant San Pelayo
    Nmber Phone 985 40 73 76.

    - San Jorge Restaurant
    New. Phone 985 41 01 68.

    -Ruu Calabres Restaurant
    The Brokerage. Bricia (Inn). Telephone 985 40 76 22.

    - Aquarium Restaurant
    Hostal. Telephones 674 16 38 80 and 664 46 34 36.

    - La Casona cider house
    C. Major, 26. Llanes Phone 985 40 09 58.

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