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X Festival REC of Ribadedeva

X Festival REC of Ribadedeva

X Festival REC of Ribadedeva
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    The REC outdoor short film festival will start its next year's 19, 20 and 21 next August 2014 in its 10º call. This year also saw the first edition of CICIRICINE, which has resulted in a very serious experience in which we have shared our time before a movie screen with the little ones.

    The finalist shorts of this edition are:

    Aritz Moreno «Cholera»
    Arantxa Echevarría «Night and suddenly»
    Pedro Collantes «Eskiper»
    David Martin-Porras «Inside the box»
    Dani of the Order «Swimmer»
    Manuela Moreno «Pipas»
    Paco Cavero «That's why I don't have brothers»
    Carlos Solano Pérez «We are friends»
    Miguel A. Carmona «Underground»
    Susana Casares «Tryout»
    Javier Macipe «Os meninos do rio»
    Moises Romera and Marisa Crespo «A better place»
    Guillermo Ábalos Solís «World H»

    The First National Short Film Festival rec [ribadedeva short] was born as a consequence of the local film show that, at 2004, offered the Municipal House of Culture Casa de Piedra.

    The festival will take place in the gardens of the Archivo de Indianos, in Colombres, Ribadedeva.

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