X Championship of skewers of Asturias

X Championship of skewers of Asturias

X Championship of skewers of Asturias
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    The 10th Asturias Pinchos Championship will be held between 10 Friday and 19 March 2017 Sunday.
    The championship consists of two official juries: a jury of classification and a final jury. Two juries of the highest level formed by journalists, chefs and citizens will decide who are the ones deserving of the awards. They are valued: flavor (texture, aroma, harmonies, temperatures ...), presentation and commercial application.

    In order to equalize the rank of all candidates, the cap or skewer has a retail cost of between € 1,50 and € 2. And it is recommended that the price of the pincho + drink of the sponsoring brand does not exceed € 3,70. The pincho + drink promotion will only be with the sponsor brand's drink.

    There is edited a gastromap location of all establishments of Asturias with the proposals presented. This will serve as reference to the general public to locate and know the candidate establishments, their tasting schedules and their offer; facilitating the general public the possibility of tasting the participating proposals during the established days and at the established time.

    Three prizes: Champion of Asturias (receiving the Picona de Oro), runner-up of Asturias, and third place in Asturias.

    One of the special recognitions It will be the Asturian Pincho Mention, which will be chosen by the pinchos that use products from the Asturian pantry to make the skewer / tapa.
    Another mention of this championship will be the Audience Award, where customers can vote through the Internet what they liked most among all the proposals of the Championship.
    There will be two other mentions, one at classic skewer / lid and another innovative skewer / lid, valuing the application of traditional cuisine in the lid or skewer, and in the case of Innovador to the skewer or lid that has a more interesting technical and gastronomic development.

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