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Traveling with children in Asturias

Traveling with children in Asturias

What to see in Asturias with children

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What to see in Asturias with children

We propose here a number of routes and excursions, museums ... ideas that can help you plan and spend a vacation with children in Asturias.
It is not always easy to know what to do when traveling with small children, here we give you a clue places dotted by Asturian geography that offer alternatives for children's leisure.

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Some museums have specific programs for children. Thus, the Botanical Garden, the Jurassic Museum or the Aquarium, have workshops or activities for children at certain times.

1 · Descent of the Sella

Now a summer classic in Asturias. Who does not know the Sella River and its famous "International Descent" in early August?
Can be done with small children, of 5 / 6 years, a fluvial tour with picnic lunch that you will surely enjoy. There are many companies in the area that offer this activity. More info on The Descent of the Sella.

2 · Botanical Garden of Gijón

It is a living space, recreated but natural to the greatest extent possible, that occupies 15 hectares of perfectly designed land, a green and flowery microcosm where 15.000 plants and trees grow more. More info on Botanical Garden of Gijón.

3 · Jurassic Museum of Asturias in Colunga

In a privileged place on the coast, the Jurassic Museum of Asturias (MUJA) is located, a unique museum that, in the form of a large dinosaur footprint, hosts one of the most complete and didactic samples of the world on these reptiles. . El Muja offers a wide range of information about the different aspects of the dinosaurs' lives, through the footprints that today are conserved in the Asturian coast that goes from Gijón to Ribadesella. More info on Jurassic Museum of Asturias.

4 · The Path of the Bear by bicycle

The route is perfect for families. It has a Greek "y" layout and can be done in sections. For a more interpretive itinerary, we recommend the first part of the path, from Tuñón (Santo Adriano) to Proaza, about 6 kilometers long. We can opt for an even shorter route, of 2 kilometers, taking the Buyera recreational area as a starting point, passing through the osero fence and reaching Proaza, where the House of the Bear.

Tuñón - Proaza: 6 kms. // Proaza - Valdemurio: 8 kms. // Proaza - Entrago: 14 kms.

5 · Hiking and cycling trips for families

The agency S-cape Travel offers different hiking and cycling packages in Asturias designed for families. It deals with accommodation, bike rental, luggage transfer, routes and other logistical details.

  • Picos de Europa, family multi-activity (6 days)
  • Picos de Europa and Llanes beaches with children (8 days)
  • Asturias coast by bike for families (8 days)
  • Bear and Somiedo Path with children (4 days)

More info on Hiking and cycling trips for families

6 · On the way to Picos, routes in nature

Towards Peaks offers you a program of activities designed to enjoy some vacation in contact with nature and live small family adventures.
You can perform these activities with children from 7 yearsFive-day program with several activities: canoeing down the Cares-Deva river, pastures of the Lakes of Covadonga and visits to the cider winery, initiation to the descent of canyons ... from 235 €. Request information on the dates planned for this summer 2017. More info on Towards Peaks.

7 · Surf camps for children in Ribadesella

The Surf School of Ribadesella organizes different surf camps in spring and summer to enjoy the sea in the town of Ribadesella.

Surf Camps for children
We offer Kids Surf Camps of varying lengths with beachside accommodations. Full board. 2 hours of class every day and free surfing with the monitor always watching. Material included (Victory or NSP boards + Quiksilver / Roxy suits). Longboard and skate classes. Correction and video recording. Multiple activities. Paddlesurf routes. Barbecues and fun on the terrace. Accident and liability insurance. Professional video.

Surf Camps for school groups
We also organize Surf Camps for school groups, offering different accommodation possibilities: hostel, cabins or hotel. Surf lessons and other activities on the beach, completing the offer with scheduled visits. All the necessary material for the activities is provided by us, they must bring their clothes to change, swimsuit and towel. More info on Surf School of Ribadesella.

8 · Escape room to enjoy with the family

North Adventure offers two rooms as a novelty «Escape rooms» for groups from 2 to 5 people.
The escape rooms is an entertainment that is devastating, a live RPG, a kind of ginkana in which the participants have an hour to overcome different tests, clues or mysteries until they find their way out of a completely closed room. It is a new game for all audiences, to enjoy with friends or family.

More info on Escape room in Asturias.

9 · Children and family camps in Asturias

North Adventure offers us children, youth and family camps. To spend the holidays with family and have fun a lot. Summer camps in Asturias for boys / girls aged between 9 and 15 years. A healthy, fun and educational leisure time. A family camp, with activities in which adults and minors will enjoy multi-adventure activities and entertainment all together, yinkanas, thematic workshops, evening evenings ... More info on Summer camps in Asturias.

10 · Surfcamps and Adventure Camps in Asturias

Nakel Adventure It proposes camps and surfcamps for children from 8 to 15 years old, in Llanes and Ribadesella. They have their own surf school, Nakel Camps section, with different modalities and all this, with their seal of quality and familiar and personalized treatment. More info on Camps and surfcamps in Asturias.

11 · Adventure pack in Asturias

Turaventura We propose a package with three activities that you should not miss if you travel with children to Asturias: Una route in 4X4 by the Picos de Europa, the most appropriate planning to carry out the Ruta del Cares and, of course, the Descent of the Sella. Pack 55 € person. More info on The adventure pack in Asturias.

12 · Educational itineraries for the Asturian nature

Asturias, Magic Land organizes excursions for families in the eastern region of Asturias. Excursions that combine hiking, environmental education, interpretation of the landscape, children's workshops, affective education and education for coexistence. Routes like «In search of the Xana» or «The secrets of the Sueve mountain» or «» The interior of the cave and the enchanted forest ». More info about  Didactic excursions in family by Asturias.

Plans with children raining


Things to keep in mind: Bring water, snacks, travel games, jacket, socks, wipes, bandages, betadine ... everything you need so that an unforeseen event does not ruin a special day. Don't forget the photo / video camera will help you remember the good things about the trip once you have returned home.

Text: © Ramón Molleda for desdeasturias.com

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