Ecological tourism in Asturias

More than 30 years ago since what we called "Rural Tourism" began in Asturias, the first hotels and rural houses opened in areas little known to the public. In this journey, the model has been changing and today there are travelers who are looking for another way to enjoy nature, the landscape and also the landscape, with a responsible attitude towards the environment. We propose here some initiatives that offer "ecotourism" within the Principality of Asturias.

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And tecological urismo or also called «ecotourism" It is an alternative tourism, different from the tourism we can call "traditional".

The International Ecotourism Society (TIES) defines ecotourism as "a responsible trip to natural areas that preserve the environment and improve the well-being of the local population."

    • Contributes to the conservation of biodiversity.
    • It supports the welfare of the local population.
    • It includes a learning / interpretation experience.
    • Involves responsible action by tourists and the tourism industry.
    • It is offered primarily to small groups by small businesses.
    • It requires the lowest possible consumption of resources and the use of renewable energy sources, biomass, solar energy, wind energy ...
    • Emphasizes local participation, ownership and business opportunity for the rural population.

Geoface: ecotourism routes

GEOFACE, a small company formed by young geographers, proposes routes for the Cantabrian brown bear sighting, bird watching, the bellowing, environmental interpretation of the protected areas of Asturias - Natural Parks of Fuentes del Narcea, Degaña and Ibias, Somiedo, Redes and Ponga, and Picos de Europa National Park ...
GEOFACE is also presented as a mediator and generator in / of activities of the experience tourism when it counts on its offer with specific visits where the formation of the consumer, the artistic creation or the interpretation of the landscape are a fundamental part of the commercialized and developed tourist activity.
More info on Geoface: Guided tours of Asturias

Ruta del Quesu and Cider

For years now, two brothers, Manuel and Javier, started their ecotourism initiative, without knowing what that really was. They decided to stay in their mountain village, Asiegu, in the municipality of Cabrales, and involve the travelers who come there of the rural life modes showing the hallmarks of this territory.

The "rural itinerary" begins at eleven in the morning or seven in the afternoon. First visit a modern cheese factory to know how to make a Cabrales cheese artisan. After the explanations about the territory and the way to build the houses, the pastures, the pumaradas, the maturation cave of the Cabrales cheese and finally the espicha, in which there is no shortage of cheeses, mayonnaise of cabrales, boiled eggs, corn tortillas, chorizos a la cider, picadillo with potatoes, cod omelette, potato omelette, honey and cider.
More info on Ruta'l Quesu and the Cider in Cabrales

Magic land

In Tierra Mágica, with Begoña at the front -educationist and guide of educational itineraries in nature- A family route is a different experience. Its routes combine hiking, environmental education, the interpretation of the landscape, children's workshops, affective education and education for coexistence. They are routes that go through cliffs, visit prehistoric caves, walk along rivers ... in the eastern part of Asturias that has a great variety of ecosystems.
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