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Manuel Caso of La Villa, 50,


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Pioneering company of specialized active tourism and with extensive experience in various activities such as canoeing down the river Sella, canyoning or canyoning, quad biking and caving in numerous and spectacular council caves.

Company with quality certification in SICTED destination.

Bachelorette parties and groups.
For bachelorette parties and groups, you can leave your name and phone number (if you prefer that we answer you by phone) in our mail, telling us people, activities to do and whether or not you need accommodation. We will elaborate a custom budget.

We are a company Dog friendly.

«Pack 4 × 4 Picos de Europa Route + Cares Route + Descent of the Sella by canoe»

· We pick you up in a 4 × 4 SUV around 9:30 - 10:00 a.m. in Cangas de Onís or Arriondas to make a route through Picos de Europa.

We will go through the Desfiladero de los Beyos, we will stop at Oseja de Sajambre, we will see the source of the River Sella and the mountain passes "Pontón" and "Panderruedas", the best viewpoint of the Picos de Europa.
About the 14 hours, already in Cain, after explanations about the Ruta del Cares, we will leave you time to eat and to make the route walking.
Around 19:00 p.m., we will pick you up in Poncebos to go down towards Cangas de Onís, where we will end the route in 4 × 4.
This activity includes: transportation in 4 × 4, insurance, binoculars and map. Ethnographic, cultural and landscape interpretation.

For the activity of descent of the river Sella We are in our facilities. We include a picnic that will go inside the waterproof drum.
They are 14 km. of travel, although we have a stop in the middle of the journey at 7 km. in case you get tired. At the end of the tour in Llovio, we will be waiting for you to pick you up and take you to our offices in Ribadesella, where you can shower and change clothes. It is important to bring change clothes, shoes that can get wet and that are attached to the foot, sunscreen and a towel.
It is essential to know how to swim and to be over 5 years old to carry out the activity.
The activity includes: canoes, paddles, flotation units, wetsuit, watertight cans with the picnic, round trip transportation, showers and changing rooms, CR and Accident insurance.
· The price of the pack is 54 euros per person.
· The price for children from 5 to 12 years is 49 € child.

Rates 2018

Descent of the Sella: 27,00 € person (From 1 to 10 people)
Individual quad route along the coast of Ribadesella 30,00 € / quad
Double quad route through the Costa de Ribadesella 40,00 € / quad
Buggy route: 60 € per person
Caving: 25,00 € per person (From 1 to 10 people)
Canyoning: € 45,00 per person (From 1 to 10 people)
Paintball: 25,00 € person (From 1 to 10 people)
Routes on horseback: 20 € per person

 Take advantage of our 10% discount booking onlineAdventure Packages Asturias.

«Enjoy our OFFERS»

· Descent of the Sella in canoe. Normal price 30 euros per person when booking online 27 euros per person.

 18 euros under 12 years, booking online


· Descent of the Sella in canoe + route in double quad

40 euros per person, Booking through official website. Minimum two people.

· Route in single or double quad

30 euros per person in individual quadbooking online

40 euros per person double quadbooking online

· Descent of the Sella in canoe + paintball

47 euros per person, booking online

Cares Route + 4 × 4 Route through Picos de Europa + Descent of the Sella by canoe  54 euros per person adult and 44 euros per child between 5-12 years booking online.

4 × 4 route through Picos de Europa + Cares route + Descent of the sella by canoe 59 euros per adult person y 49 euros per child between 5-12 years booking online.

Complete 4 × 4 route through the Picos de Europa National Park + Descent of the Sella by canoe 74 euros per adult person64 euros per child between 5-12 years booking online.

The best price, guaranteed. Official companiesBest price guarantee, without intermediaries, without commissions or extra payments.
Turaventura is an establishment registered in the Register of Companies and Tourist Activities of the Principality of Asturias With the code: TA010

The activity of the quad or buggy route consists of driving during an 1 hour for the
cliffs of the Ribadesella coast with stunning and unique views
. The vehicles are automatic, you just have to accelerate and brake. The route starts in front of our local Ribadesella and our guide who will accompany you during the route and will explain before you leave, how the quad or buggy is handled and any other questions you may have. For the route, we provide a helmet and, if necessary, we have water suits. It is essential to have a B1 driving license (car) to drive the quad. The minimum age to perform the activity is 8 years accompanied by an adult (who obviously will drive the quad) and give written consent for the child.

Individual Quad Route
30,00 € / person when booking through our website (Groups check price).

Double Quad Route
40,00 € when booking through our website (Groups check price).

Route in Buggie 50 euros / person

For the activity of the descent of the Sella we are in our offices of Ribadesella to the 10: 15, 11: 30 and 12: 30 under previous reservation. Next we will give you the flotation unit, the neoprene suit if necessary and the waterproof drum that will allow you to store personal items. In the drum, apart from the things you are going to take, we are going to give you a picnic bag.

The monitors will go up to Arriondas (there is the departure by canoe), and once there we will provide all the necessary equipment to do the activity (canoes and shovels). Our monitors would give you a course on how to handle the canoe and some recommendations before ... Put yourself in the river!

You are already making the descent and you have a 14 km (3 hours and a half 4) to delight you with the landscape and the Asturian nature, as well as for fun while paddling. At the end of the tour in Llovio, we will be waiting to pick you up and take you to our offices in Ribadesella, where you can shower and change clothes in our facilities that have changing rooms
where there are showers with hot water and bathrooms. We also have an alternative stop half way, 7 km more or less (in Toraño) just in case you want to leave earlier. It is important to bring change clothing, footwear that can get wet and that is subject to the foot, sunscreen, towel. It is essential to know how to swim and children who have more than 5 years to perform the activity. The activity is ideal to do only, with friends, with children or with pets.

The activity includes:
· Canoes
· Shovels
· Flotation units
· Neoprene suit if time requires
· Waterproof cans with picnic
· Round trip transportation
· Showers and changing rooms service
· RC and Accident Insurance

Rates Descent of Sella:
30,00 € person
27,00 € when booking through our website
18,00 € children between 5-12 years

Divided into groups, we will descend the bed of one of the most beautiful rivers that exist in Asturias, passing through beautiful landscapes and making ropes, rappels, down natural slides and small waterfalls ... All within the maximum security and with the accompaniment of expert guides. With this activity the team spirit, the joint work, the fun and the adventure are developed, besides checking how to enjoy our nature putting the maximum respect in the care of the environment. Neoprene suits, ropes and helmets are provided.
Its total duration is about 4 hours.

Discovering the interior of the earth, through the practice of this activity, will make the children discover the geological wonders of the limestone systems of the Asturian orography. We will visit a cave in which we will explore its interior to know the formation process of the stalagmites and stalactites and how the water continually prayed the earth's crust. We provide protective cases and helmets with light, as well as the accompaniment of guides. The duration of the visit is 2 hour and a half or so.

Strategy activity par excellence. In our game field composed of eucalyptus forest and natural and artificial hiding places, the participants will be divided into two groups to which different games will be proposed, challenging them to overcome them. In this activity Team work is reinforced, the skill and individual ingenuity put at the service of the group and the strategy. In addition, by having limited resources such as paintballs, you will learn how to economize and manage those resources. Finally, it will be taught that more important than winning or losing, the important thing is to participate and have fun with everyone.

Protective covers, mask, breastplates, markers, 100 balls per participant and a judge are included.
Its duration is between an hour and a half to two hours.
Groups must be of at least 6 people.
We take care of transportation to and from the playground.

The price is 25 euros per person.

For the realization of the route to horse some theoretical explanations are given and a return in a track of about 300 meters to practice a little with the horse. Then you go to the promenade of about 6 km away through the valley of the Sella River and climb a small mountain where you can see the last 3 km of the Sella River and the village of Ribadesella. In the last part, 2 returns to the track of 300 m to the trot. This route lasts 1 hour, it is accompanied by a guide and the price is 20 euros per person.

There is a route of 2 hours that is the same as the first one that only reaches Cuevona de Cuevas and the price is 35 euros per person.

There is another route of 3 hours for experienced people that passes through the Cuevona and climbs a mountain where you can see the Sella River when you go up and you can see the entire coast from the town of Caravia to Nueva. The price is 50 euros per person.

The facilities of TurAventura are located in the Asturian town of Ribadesella. Specifically in the Avenida Manuel Caso de la Villa, Nº50, next to the rula and in front of the fishing port of the town. To get from Santander, take the A-63 towards Oviedo and exit Ribadesella, Cangas de Onís and Covadonga. From Gijón or Oviedo take the A-63 towards Santander and take the exit to Ribadesella.
Once in the town, continue straight ahead at the roundabout of the bridge and at the next roundabout take the second exit. TurAventura is located at 70 meters on the right margin.

coordinates Latitude: 43.4648590 Length: -5.0585604 qualifying.

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