TraVespera 2017

TraVespera 2017

En route through the Picos de Europa

TraVespera 2017
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    On September 30, the fifth edition of the TraVespera. It is an annual test that covers a distance of 230 km. around the Picos de Europa, on a Vespa or an older Lambreta, with driver and passenger.

    They are 8 hours of crossing and 1.750 m. of maximum altitude.
    During the month of September, the registration price is 40 € per participant (pilot) and 25 € for the companion.
    The route begins in Cangas de Onís and travels places of great beauty of León, Cantabria and Asturias.

    To participate in the TraVespera, you do not need no special requirementYou simply have to pay the registration and participate with your Vespa or Lambretta, although they also admit replicas of them from other brands, with a similar image.
    Being a high mountain route, it is necessary that you come with clothes that insulate well against water and cold. The route runs along roads that can sometimes have a slippery surface or steep slopes, so extreme caution must be exercised during its journey, as well as all the Organization's instructions.

    The departure and protocol will begin at 9,00:XNUMX a.m., and the route will start at 10,30 h.


    1. Panderrueda stop on the 12,00 h.
    2. In Posada de Valdeón on the 13,00 h.,  Here there are two alternatives for participants, who want to go down to Cain to make the entire route will continue to that town where they will have a place reserved for a stop 30 minutes and must return to Posada de Valdeón to eat at the Sports Center. At the 14,30 h., (Start of the meal service), the rest of the participants who do not wish to go down to Caín may stay in this town doing what they please.
    3. The exit of Posada de Valdeón will be made to the 16: 00 h. all together.
    4. It will be held in Pandetrave on the 16,30 and the march will be resumed at 17.00
    5. It will be at the 17: 45 h ASSOCIATION WITH THE BEAR of the Collada de Llesba 1.750 altitude mts and a spectacular place to admire the Picos.
    6. In pots at 19: 00 h. refuel.
    7. Last stop in Arenas de Cabrales at 20:00 p.m. with espicha offered by the Hon. Cabrales Town Hall.
    8. Arrival at Cangas de Onís at 22: 00 h.

    Photo taken from the official website.

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