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Aventura Norte is an establishment registered in the Register of Companies and Tourist Activities of the Principality of Asturias With the code: TA155
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North Adventure is your multi-adventure center in Asturias.
Our main facilities are in Arriondas, from where we start to all our activities.
Our land of esferaton It is only 200 meters from Cangas de Onís, in the direction of Arriondas. Walking you will not take more than 10 minutes from the famous Roman bridge of our city.
You can go to our base in Arriondas or directly to the farm, in both places we will attend you and you will be able to enjoy the activity.

We also organize children, youth and family camps offering vacations in contact with nature by making ravines, the descent of the Sella in canoe, family Olympics, yellow humor, evenings and workshops or touring caves and a thousand more adventures.
You have all the info in Camps Asturias.

Our monitors are titled and specialized in multi-adventure in Asturias with what we guarantee maximum security, away from any danger, ravine or inconvenience that may annoy your holidays. Our mission is clear: that your holidays are a real pleasure.

Our spheres have been selected to ensure your fun within the maximum security and in that sense we have prepared all the protection you may need.

We strive daily to satisfy our customers, to innovate and bring new activities to the area, so you can enjoy new experiences.

Are you ready for action?

Up to 18 years the price of your canoe drop costs 1 euro per year, so if you have 15 years, 15 euros, 18 years, 18 euros.
15 years = 15 €

Birthday by the card
If it's your birthday, we invite you to go down the river Sella with us, without cheating, to the section you choose. You just have to bring your ID and come the same day you meet.
In return, and only if you want, we ask you to take a picture with us for our album.
As we have to see your card this promotion is applied directly in our offices, to book call us by phone, do not make reservation online.

Güelu Pack
We like intergenerational contact and if we do not do this we would not be ourselves, so if in any group between the oldest and the youngest there are 50 years of difference you both have an 50% discount on the descent of the river Sella.
As we have to see your card these discounts are applied directly in our offices, to book call us by phone, do not make the reservation online.

Large family
If you bring us your large family card you get a discount of 15%, and if it is supernumerable 20%.
As we have to see your card these discounts are applied directly in our offices, to book call us by phone, do not make the reservation online.

The Spanish Federation of Large Families (FEFN) has handed out the Family Tourism Seal to North Adventure, a company based in Asturias that offers all kinds of activities for the most adventurous families: descent of the Sella, caving and canyoning as the most appropriate for a family audience, but also hiking through some of the most impressive landscapes of the Picos de Europa.

One of the main advantages of Aventura Norte for the family audience is that there is not a minimum of participants in each activity, so that the monitors can attend to the family individually.

The escape room has become a growing leisure trend, not only in Asia, but also in Europe. Families and groups of friends go to the escape room to have a good time, an adventure in real life.

We offer you two rooms, "Brisa y oro, traición bucanera" or "Laboratorios Virox RiX-2" to fully enjoy with friends or family.

Come and enjoy this game of physical and mental adventure.

You can complete your Esferaton activity with other activities that we offer either in discount packs or individually.

Canoe descent of the river Sella. Make the famous one with us Descent of the Sella River in the most comfortable canoes of the market, equipped with foam seats, unsinkable and with a navigability that will allow you to enjoy the journey without suffering. The ribera prints at the feet of the Picos de Europa will not leave you indifferent.

Combine our "Pelotazo Pack" including download the Sella with the Esferaton for only 35,00 €.

Trekking and hiking in Asturias. The best way to discover Parks such as Redes, Degaña, Somiedo, Ibias or Muniellos, or to delve into little-known routes from the Asturian East, either in our most adventurous and sporty modality or in our eco-ethno-tourism routes. Hiking in its purest state with interpretation of all the elements that flood our nature.

Canyoning and canyoning. This activity is the delight of every adventurer. Make the descent of non-navigable areas on foot, jumping, botching, swimming, enjoying natural slides, waterfalls and framed in a dreamlike place typical of the most jungle films you can imagine. An incomparable adventure where physical activity, suitable for all audiences, joins the technique. Small groups for maximum security and attention. Our pack includes an unbeatable price !!! Canyoning and esferaton activity for only 55,00 €, perfectly achievable in a single day.

Speleology. Discover the bowels of the earth, immerse yourself in our caves by hand from our qualified guides. They will tell you everything you always wanted to know, curiosities, the formation of the caves and everything with maximum tranquility and without risk. Rate: 25,00€

coordinates Latitude: 43.3775330 Length: -5.1822529

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