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Tour "Le piano du lac" Asturias 2018

Tour "Le piano du lac" Asturias 2018

Tour "Le piano du lac" Asturias 2018
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    A floating piano, a lake, a harbor or a beach. From there begins the delight with music.
    Within the 6 Tour of Spain from September to October's 28, they will be in Asturias from the 3 to the 21 in October, with 14 performances in different points of the Asturian geography.
    In French territory they have already made 170 performances and reached more than 50.000 viewers. In 2017 the project left its native Alps to explore the rest of the country, passing borders to reach Belgium and Spain.

    They present a show inspired by the trip and the encounters, a unique moment of dance and music in the most improbable theaters that nature offers us. The aquatic quartet is formed by Alice Rosset on the piano, Camila Ronza on singing, Mónica Cofiño as a dancer, Voel as a diver and trumpet.

    Approximate duration 1 hour and 15 minutes. Voluntary box office, we advise 10 euros.

    · 3 October 18.00 hours, Bustio

    · 4 October 18.00 hours, Selva Asturiana, La Pereda
    · 5 October 18.00 hours, San Antolín Beach of Bedón

    · 6 October 18.00 hours, San Juan Island

    · 7 October 18.00 hours, Puerto del Puntal

    · 11 October 18.00 hours, Botanical Garden

    12 and 13 October 18.00:XNUMX p.m., La Xata La Rifa Festival, Valdemurio Reservoir

    · 14 October 18.00 hours, Antonio García Lago Park, La Felguera

    Embalse de Trasona
    · 17 October 18.00 hours, Embalse de Trasona

    San Esteban de Pravia
    · 18 October 18.00 hours, Port

    · 19 October 18.00 hours, Puerto Nuevo

    20 and 21 October 18.00 hours, El Arenero

    ** Tips:
    · Do not forget your picnic to share with your neighbors.
    · The concerts will be kept in case of rain, the piano is waterproof, bring umbrellas.
    · After the show, we invite the musicians present in the audience to get on the floating piano to prolong the concert.
    · Bring cushions and / or chairs to be comfortable during the show.

    Photo by Dominique Villenot.

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