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All the gastronomy of Ribadesella

Eat well in Ribadesella

All the gastronomy of Ribadesella

Eat well in Ribadesella

The human group that inhabited 12.000 years ago the Cave of Tito Bustillo had an acceptable diet, mainly in hunting, fish and the collection of mollusks and wild fruits, although the increase in population had a negative impact on nature's resources. The arrival of the Romans discovered a precarious situation, based on goat meat, milk and acorn flour, according to Strabo. By decision of Rome, chestnuts were planted massively in order to ensure a supplementary food source, which effectively fulfilled its mission until today in the form of chestnuts "amagüestos".

The discovery of America and the introduction here of corn, potatoes and beans, began to solve the food problem in a land as peculiar as Asturias.

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The evolution of the times has allowed Ribadesella to have today a rich and varied cuisine, in the style of the northern peninsular cuisine, very appreciated in the whole world. In addition, you can eat well in Ribadesella , in a good number of restaurants that combine traditional food and new cuisine with excellent results.


The saint and hallmark of local cuisine is seafood cuisine, stocked with the products of the Cantabrian neighbor. The local fleet is supplied with an excellent raw material, among which we must highlight the "hake of the pinchu", named for having been caught with a hook and not with a net, preserving its fine texture intact. But do not detract from it other exquisite fish such as sea bass, sea bream, "xáragu", "pixín", king, sole or mullets, and without forgetting the delicious angula, all of them usual in the village and only dependent on the time of year or the fate of fishermen. You can consume the oven, in the pan or on the grill, although some of them start to be consumed in casserole, with cider brandy sauce.

Also worthy of attention is the beautiful, summer leader, who is sliced, or stewed in a pot, with peppers and potatoes, as well as in the appetizing "roll" typical of Ribadesella, made with beautiful crumbled and seasoned according to a simple and traditional formula . Summer is also the time of the exquisite squid and the popular sardines and "bocartes", which share a role in casual cuisine with products of the pedral such as "lamps", periwinkles, barnacles, octopus or prodigious "arcinos" », Who from the humblest origin are conquering haute cuisine today. The same goes for the riosellana stew, made basically with rock fish accompanied by lobster or lobster.


We must also talk about the local seafood, the barnacles of the cliffs, the tasty "andaricas" (nécoras) and the good crab from the sea or nursery. And you have to reserve a place of honor for the Sella angula, the most delicate fruit of seafood cuisine.

It can be sautéed with garlic and chilli, although its consumption is introduced as a filling of fish or potatoes, according to formulas successfully tested in the Gastronomic Days of the Sea that are held every spring in this village and serve to make known seafood dishes traditional and renovators.


Without the prominence of fish, meat also has its importance. The juicy "roxa beef" of beef is excellent for chops and for typical straights such as "the governed meat" - stewed - or in rolls, stuffed with bacon, egg, peppers or olives. Also scallops are appreciated in cider sauce, brandy or Cabrales cheese. In large game the abundant wild boar takes the palm, and in poultry the "village pitu", a variety of brown meat chickens that are raised with care in the country houses. And how not to mention the pig, basic for the pot or the fabada. The local sausage, dried and scented with onion, gives the finest "fabes" a touch that distinguishes them among all the stews of the peninsula. The "pantrucu" or "emberzau", which is consumed fresh, sliced ​​and fried, also comes out of the pork.


In the cheese chapter, Ribadesella supplies its famous neighbors of Cabrales, Beyos, Gamoneu, Vidiago, or Pría. And in the desserts you have to look at the traditional "casadielles" of walnut, rice with milk "requemau", fried milk or "les joyueles" typical of Carnival, in addition to applesauce and pear, homemade candy or apples roasted and sugary.


The auction of any food that boasts must be a glass of good liquors and spirits distilled in this town, in the town of Collera. The cider brandy produced by this century-old winery has received recognition for quality from the European Union, to the pride of Ribadesella and the entire Principality of Asturias.

Text: © Ramón Molleda for desdeasturias.com

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More information about Ribadesella: www.ribadesella.com

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