Route to Tiatordos

The perfect mountain

We propose a route to one of the outstanding mountains of Asturias that is outlined, majestically, in one of the most beautiful cordals of the Bay of Biscay. Its summit is a unique watchtower from which we discover an extraordinary panorama.

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The Tiatordos peak, also known by hikers as the "perfect mountain", is the most emblematic elevation of the mountainous system of the Cordal de Ponga that divides the councils of Caso and Ponga, in the Redes Natural Park. With a height of 1.951metros, it proposes a unique route. We must overcome for it a considerable difference, of some 1.300 meters, along some 6 kilometers of walk one way and others 6 of return. It is a demanding route that requires a good physical shape and that It is not suitable for children. We must do it in good weather and on a clear day. It will take about 8 hours to complete it, rest stops included. It is better not to go too loaded, or to go full but in good spirits. The route will be "perfect" as the nickname of the mountain, since the discovery is linked to the effort of imposing beech galleries, wild cherry trees, ash, dreamy sheep, crystal clear fountains, narrow foxes and beautiful lapiaces.

Tiatordos from Pendones

We leave the vehicle in the public parking of town of Pendones. A beautiful village of Caso, at 700 meters of altitude, which is famous for its mother-mother tradition. Before or after the ascension to the Tiatordos it is worth a visit without haste to the Workshop of the Mother, inaugurated in 1999. The route that starts from Pendones is very well marked at the fundamental crossings, so on a clear day it does not present any orientation difficulty. We take the path that goes towards the NE parallel to the river, flanked by trees and green meadows with abundant cattle, cows and sheep. The path initially coincides with the PR path. AS-65 but shortly after passing the bridge over the river you have to leave it (1 km from the starting point approximately) taking the path on the left; shortly after there is another fork, in this case we take the road on the right until we reach a group of well-groomed huts that we leave on our left (Sen de la Vara) and, without leaving the road, we arrive at the beginning of the Foz de la Palombar

Rise to Tiatordos

We ascend through this foz looking for the most appropriate steps. The climb is marked with landmarks painted on the limestone. We travel approximately 1 kilometer and we overcome a few 400 meters of unevenness. It is a gorge that runs close to the channel of a stream of large limestone rocks, between the vertical walls of the Arcu and Palombar peaks. After overcoming this narrow passage (in which we have spent almost an hour) we enter a small forest that leads us to the Majada de Palombar, where can we refresh in the existing source. We rested a few minutes and we continued walking. From here we already spotted the Tiatordos. We take the path to the left of the fountain and continue along the track that leads to the Tiatordos sheepfold - unmistakable for its abandoned cabins. We have taken an hour and a half since we left the gorge.

Network Park

After delighting the view in the sheepfold and making a small and necessary rest, we return to the top of the Tiatordos. We continue through a beech forest and then climb a few miles to take a marked path that leads between briers to the base of the Tiatordos. There are numerous paths to follow from here, but the most suitable part to the left of our sense of the march and is marked with stone landmarks. The climb will be very hard as we face a steep slope. It will take almost an hour to reach the top and thus overcome the last 350 meters of slope. From this summit, queen of the Asturian panoramas, we discovered most of the mountain ranges of the Redes Park, but also others as far away as the Picos de Europa or the Ubiñas, as well as the Nalón river valley or the Ponga valley.

We will return the same way.

Photo report of Go with me

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Total distance: 15462 m
Max elevation: 1949 m
Min elevation: 758 m
Total climbing: 1910 m
Total descent: -1910 m


To get to Pendones we take the AS-117 that leaves the center of Asturias and goes through the Nalón basin to the town of Campo Caso, in the Redes Natural Park. At 10 kilometers from Campo Caso, following the AS-117, we will find the crossing to Pendones and we will arrive at the town after about 700 meters. From Oviedo we will take an hour approximately for a total distance of 70 kilometers.

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