The Museum of anchors «Philippe Cousteau»

Anchors in Salinas

Anchors are a basic instrument for navigation, without them it would be impossible to anchor and take a break. But many are also treasures, because they can only be recovered from the seabed after the conscientious work of marine archaeologists.

There are historical anchors and contemporary anchors, anchors that still have brightness and anchors aged and colonized by mollusks. Simple anchors for protected ports and special anchors to combat hurricanes.

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The icon that identifies the maritime world is the anchor. All the navies of the world include it in the attributes of the uniform and in the insignia. It is present in the pennants, in the decoration of the crockery and even in the traditional doormat that welcomes the boat. So much protagonist is not because yes. On more than one occasion The safety of the boat will depend on the anchor and the crew.

Curiously, of all the elements of a ship the anchor is also the simplest, it is the one that has evolved least in the history of navigation. From the ancient world until the end of the 19th century, the Admiralty type anchor was the most used in large vessels.

We already know two of the basic qualities of every anchor: it is simple and capital. To know more about both issues we must approach the Museum of the Anchors of Salinas, in Castrillón. A monumental outdoor setting that places the anchor on the throne it deserves and that bears the name of one of the most passionate characters in marine biology and culture: Philippe Cousteau.

One of the pieces of more value that is exposed here is the anchor of the Spanish galleon Our Lady of Atocha. Ship that sank off the coast of Florida in 1628 when he returned to Spain loaded with the treasures of the New World, specifically Lima and Potosí.

All Salinas anchors have a story to tell us. But it is that, in addition, the museum is located in a unique place from which it is difficult not to get carried away by the maritime reverie and to finally take anchors. The museum is available in the peninsula of La Peñona, which in the form of a watchtower rises at one end of the beautiful beach of Salinas. We can enjoy several permanent exhibitionsLike Cover of candles and anchors: On a platform of 90 meters in length 6 candles are erected built in sheet steel. From the sails arise the chains of the anchors that rest on the deck.

Bust of Philippe Cousteau: on a rock beaten by the sea, the Peña Lisa, stands the great bronze bust of Philippe Cousteau, symbol of a life dedicated to the sea and whose human and scientific values ​​have been amply proven throughout the world.

Great Wall: a ceramic mural of great dimensions serves as initiation to the museum, integrating itself in the square that serves as access.

Temple of the Oceans: in the center of the curve that draws the cover of candles and anchors a rose of the winds is erected, in it the container or shell in which the waters of the different oceans are poured is inserted.

A suspension bridge allows us access to the viewpoint of the museum, from it a fabulous panoramic view of Salinas and its surroundings is contemplated. From this place we complete a unique experience, letting ourselves drift towards the horizon.

coordinates Latitude: 43.5804520 Length: -5.9674644


Address / Location:
La Peñona
33405, Salinas

Telephone: 985 53 00 50 (City Council of Castrillón)

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