The Barjola Museum

A space for artists

The Museum Barjola is a center open to culture, a space where contemporaneous art is appreciated on always relevant expositions of current artists. Thanks to a studied planning here it is combined with the weight of well-known artists with the emerging and always rich universe of new figures. On the ground floor we observe a clear predilection for modern sculpture. In this museum there is a balance between plastics and photography with the modern video installations and new artistic expressions.

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A balance that is definitely given by the influence of Juan Barjola, whose paints, strongly chromatic and full of vitality, give these rooms the touch of an immortal work. The same artist gives his name to this museum.

Under the pictorial umbrella of this great artist, the Museum Barjola is characterized for the high level of its expositions and its main work is to revitalize the art in this Principality of Asturias. It offers solvent grants and also shows an exquisite care for its publications. It is an editorial for other centers of the same kind. Its artistic library well deserves a quiet visit.

The seat of this center is one of the major exponents as regards the baroque architecture in Gijón. It was finished in the year 1676 and since then, it is known as the Historical Monument of the Trinity (Artistic Historical Monument). Currently, this building belongs to the bank «Cajastur» and this has two architectonic departments: The House-Palace of the family Jove-Huergo and the chapel of the Trinity. On the face of this Palace we find a baroque front, the Jove's shield and the belfry.

Three are the floors dedicated to the exposition since the 16th of September of 1988, thanks to the impulse of the Government of this Principality of Asturias and the donation given by the painter Juan Barjola, it could open its doors as a center of contemporaneous art. In the inside we can see the contrast between the clear spaces and the modern property annexed to the chapel with the same structure of this temple. This has been respected and is usually used as a central room for the most relevant pieces of each temporary exposition. The chapel is famous for its vault and the apse, with a dome decorated with reliefs in which the four evangelists are represented.

In 1985 the painter Juan Barjola gave two donations to the Principality of Asturias, one for the Museum of Fine Arts and another for the museum that receives his name. In 1987 he is named Adopted Son of Asturias and in 1994 Adopted Son of Gijón. The donation covers 104 works dated between 1950 and 1988. In the museum that receives his name there is a permanent exposition of some of his works, those most representative of his career: bullfightings, maternities, suburbs, erotic themes, heads and craniums, dogs ... in an style that goes from purely abstract plastics to the expressionism. His paintings hide dramatic meanings, irony and sarcasm that finally derive in the surreal field. His social commitment is reflected in his attempt to testify the social degeneration: war, misery, suburbs, political and social oppression.

coordinates Latitude: 43.5440598 Length: -5.6639028


c / Trinidad, 17
33201, Gijón

Contact telephone: 985 357 939

More details: The Barjola Museum

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