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The forest of Pome

The forest of Pome

A forest to get lost

The forest of Pome

A forest to get lost

Go into one of the most emblematic forests of the Picos de Europa It is an unforgettable excursion and within reach of anyone. The forest of Pome is the largest beech forest of the western massif and to enter in it supposes an exclusive experience: forest density, branches, glasses, hojarasca, fauna, silence. The forest is thick, tall, mossy, with spiky holly trees and fallen and old trees. Inside there are clear openings by old forest uses that allow us to parcel out, diversify and position ourselves in the middle of the labyrinth.

The Pome forest is a microcosm that reflects the environment of the Atlantic forest for the beauty of the tones, its lushness between meadows and rocks, and its origin of fog and rain.

Halfway between the inhabited landscapes and the limestone masses of the Picos de Europa, the Pome forest is deeper and shady spring; In autumn It stands out for the gold of the leaves, while the sunlight penetrating between the branches allows us to enjoy wonderful backlighting.

To enjoy its beauty we must take a walk about five hours, between round trip.

Pome Forest Route

We start from the vega of Enol, next to the lake of the same name, the biggest of the famous Lakes of Covadonga. We walk along a well signposted track that leads us to the Mirador del Rey, about two kilometers, located just above the forest. Down there, between the rivers Pomperi, Pelabarda and Beyera or Osu, is the forest, occupying a slope of the valley of Pelabarda.

The view from the Mirador del Rey leaves no doubt about our destiny, although there is no marked path and when we go down, it becomes arbitrary. That does not scare us, it is a gentle slope between weeds and very soon we get inside the forest behind an anteroom of ferns, brecinas and bushes of strawberries and blueberries.

From here we can continue making our own random route, since we are in the heart of the forest and it will be the corners of Pome, those that most dazzle us, those who decide our steps. Of course, we should always take reference points so as not to get lost, because one thing is to lose yourself metaphorically in the forest, and another more real thing to literally miss and have a hard time.

Our references should always be clear about the place we have entered and why we should leave to return to the Mirador del Rey.

Floor In the woods It is quite good and clean, probably due to the action of the fauna that lives in this area. And as background music, especially in spring, endless songs and bird songs. The beech is predominant, but there are also oaks, holly, chestnut, birch, ash and others, with a very rich and varied native flora. It also shelters abundant fauna: chamois or chamois, roe deer, grouse ... it is difficult to see directly, although not so much to identify the traces of their anonymous passage through this beautiful place.

Let's enjoy it.
Photo report of Go with me

Text: © Ramón Molleda for desdeasturias.com

Total distance: 11752 m
Maximum height: 1096 m
Minimum height: 715 m
Ascent slope: 531 m
Descent slope: -529 m
Time spent: 06:23:35
Travel: Round trip from the Buferrera area

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