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The Camín encantau

The animated forest

The Camín encantau

The animated forest

The Camín Encantau, which runs through beautiful landscapes of the Valley of Ardisana, in LLanes, is a magical route, where wood carvings with characters from Asturian mythology they get confused in the thickness of the woods, playing hide-and-seek, and they surprise us on the road with a unique demeanor.

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With the apology of discovering the sculptures one by one, we enter a path flanked by chestnut trees, hazel trees, ash trees, birches, yew trees ... some of great size and antiquity, like the millenary Texu of Malateria. There are stretches where we can enjoy some impressive panoramic of the Ardisana Valley and the Sierra del Cuera. Other points of interest are the granaries of Riucaliente, and, in the same Ardisana, the church of Santa Eulalia (13th-18th century), the Posada's house, the Corajarrieru mansion (17th century) and the large house of the Arnero (16th century).

It is an ideal route for the whole family, where children enjoy doubly, and that does not entail great differences in level or risks of any kind; a magnificent opportunity to get into the most autochthonous nature and feel its true enchantment with the additional explanations of mythology, which ultimately describe to perfection the ancestral sense of the landscape of the Principality.

«I am the Nuberu. I command the rain and the winds. Lightning is my whip and thunder my voice. Do you want to get dry at the end of your path? Well, respect nature or I will have to get angry. ” That is what the Nuberu, King of the rains and storms, when we take the step haughty and perhaps bad-tempered.

But there is much more: a meeting of naughty Goblins; Sumiciu who advises us to check our pockets for missing something; the man of the sacu, mythical character that frightens infants; The Pataricu, marine mythological giant, "comeniños" endowed with only one eye and a relative of Polyphemus; Diañu Burlón, which can change shape at will; the Cuélebre, dragon custodian of treasures and princesses; the Busgosu, guardian of the forests; the washing woman, the chestnut tree, etc.

The enchantment approaches the fantastic world of animated forest and the Holy Company, that procession of figures with shrouds, because halfway we came across the Cross of the Garabiales, of 1761, where the funeral processions that climbed from the valley to the cemetery of Villanueva stopped.

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Text: © Ramón Molleda for desdeasturias.com

Total distance: 9941 m
Max elevation: 218 m
Min elevation: 54 m
Total climbing: 287 m
Total descent: -292 m
Total Time: 03:43:35


The route of the Camín Encantáu has been designed in a circular way. Its nine kilometers run through 9 villages. Facing the route on foot will force the visitor to spend about three hours. For those who do not want to walk and opt for the car can do it on the road that connects the different villages, and just do the path that runs between Ardisana and Riucaliente with an estimated time of thirty minutes.

If we decide to go on foot all the way, the path part of the town of La Venta runs through traditional roads, forests and areas of meadows and pastures, and passes through the towns of La Venta, Gomezán, Malatería, Palaciu, Ardisana and Riucaliente. Up to here it takes about three hours. The return from Riucaliente to La Venta can be done by road.

To get to La Venta you have to leave from the town of Posada de Llanes and take the road to Cabrales through Turanzas, Vibañu, Riofrío and Puente Nuevo; in Casa Morán turn off to La Venta - Ardisana.

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