The beaches of Llanes

Llanes: the land of the beaches

Llanes: the land of the beaches

More than thirty beaches It is the baggage of a sea tired of war that seeks in harbors and estuaries, but also in the harder and higher cliffs, the precise size for custom rooms, limestone sculptures that can be admired, and underground for those who keep looking for their own calm.

The coves, scattered and unusual, also have older sisters, who extend their means of travel more than is likely in the region. The dimensions of the rest vary from the average size to the small and from the smallest to the smallest.

Throughout the 35 coastal kilometers of Llanes, they await an unusual density of villages, and a gritty routine with statistically probable creeks every thousand meters.

In coves such as Buelna, in the easternmost corner of the Llanisca coast, or "Gulpiyuri", near the central village of Naves, the sea is almost a mistake. The latter has been declared a natural monument. If the swimmer comes at low tide, he will find only a trail of sand surrounded by rocks. But the tide rises and through the cracks of its natural enclosure it stealthily enters the water until it turns the sand into an exotic pool in the middle of the meadow.

LThe length of the beaches varies from the 20 meters of the Villanueva, to the 1200 of San Antolín. The large thickness can be called coves strictly, and do not exceed the 150 meters in length, although we are also older, such as Vidiago 200 meters, Toró: 220, Andrín: 240, Barro: 250 (one of the busiest in summer), Toranda (European blue flag): 300, Ballota: 350, Cue: 380, Palombina: 300, Borizu: 400, Torimbia (for the practitioners of nudism, of extraordinary beauty): 500, EL Portiello de San Martín: 750

They mostly result unforgettable corners, with scarce traces of direct urbanization on the coast, beaches of an almost virgin aesthetic that from here we invite you to enjoy with respect and ecological sense. It is also convenient to respect the shifts of the stations and not to enjoy them strictly in July and August, when some of them have a large influx. The beaches of Llanes are a privileged setting for a refreshing walk almost any month of the year.

The islets and forts are often frequent, and highlights in this regard the Andrin beach with an enormous castro equidistant from the arch of the beach that delights those who contemplate it from above.

Beach of Barro
Beach of Borizu
Beach of Cuevas del Mar
Gulpiyuri Beach
Playa del Sablón
Torimbia beach

Embedded as they are in small broken of the cliffs, the plains beaches usually coexist also with huge geological formations eroded that create natural bridges and unusual scenes on other coasts. The beach of Cuevas del Mar stands out in this sense, of fantastic beauty because of the cavities that the rocks present everywhere. It is located in the beautiful village of Nueva de Llanes.

Although at this point it is a truism, the grain of the sand of these beaches is white, in some cases white, and fine, finest where the sea has beaten the most. Bathing conditions are usually typical of calm waters in summer season, although it is not an absolute truth more than for the coves that are very collected in themselves. In most of the beaches, those that have a high or average concurrence, there are lifeguard and surveillance personnel.

If you want to enjoy the llanisca coast, you can rent a bike and do the coastal path, or rent the equipment to do paddle standup. Two ways to discover all corners. Horizonte Asturias makes it easy for you.

Horizonte Asturias

Accessibility is almost always good. Half of them can be approached by car, getting to the other half is nevertheless a small exercise in walking. In some extreme cases, access is somewhat difficult or tortuous. Although these are counted on the fingers of one hand.

At the end of the most recondite and hidden beaches, in this case, there are a dozen beaches that, due to their proximity to the urban center of the capital of the municipality, or to nearby villages with a great tourist tradition, such as Celorio, Member or Poo, enjoy a magnificent environment in summer season. The beach of this last town is excellent for the bath of the smallest ones, since at high tide it seems more like an infinity pool than a piece of the Cantabrian sea.

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