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The Asturian Cuisine

Well done dishes


Well done dishes

The region of Asturias is living one of its best moments as regards cookery. It is widely known the richness of its local dishes and variety of native natural products, but from a decade ago the good art of cookery has been developing to the point to double its quality and variety. Nowadays we can enjoy a wider gastronomic offer and a high quality in most of its local restaurants.

The increasing variety of gastronomic markets, the spreading of cookery schools and the go ahead spirit of new chefs have been the three main factors in the improvement of this new cuisine.

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This Asturian cuisine is plural and for all kinds of tastes thanks to its wide variety of products. Its ingredients may be found in its valleys, mountains, sea, hunting, cattle and gardens. We could say that this kind of cuisine is some sort of ideas'laboratory applied to new textures and tastes. This is an experienced cuisine with the ability to surprise the most pretentious gourmet with a new solid authorship that far from aspiring to a great novelty, it has proved to be well recognized with the passing of years.

Both concepts of cooks are involved in the term «Authorship Cuisine» in this Principality of Asturias.

The finest details, the professionalism and precision in its techniques are the main features of this cuisine. But it still keeps the cookery traditional theories, always extolling the main pillars of the regional gastronomy.

Wherever we were, people usually ask the same question, where can we eat well? And the truth is that there are lots of restaurants where we can enjoy tasty and delicious food. We can find warm and subtle restaurants of new Asturian cuisine with menus in constant renovation: omelettes in different textures, brick of sausages with cider gel, little spoon of Asturian stew, a glass of small edible crabs ... These are apparently cheeky proposals, but always with the guarantee of native natural products, accompanied by a good wine list and a good service. These places are essential to know well the real culture of this region. We can also find less elaborated dishes, but perfectly performed, with a good sense of equity among innovation, imagination and recognition of traditional products. On this side we can find a large number of restaurants specialized in stews, rice, meats and fish. Here we find more developed recipes of old classic dishes: beans cream with shavings of Iberian jam, cod in sea urchin sauce accompanied by black risotto, asparagus filled with seafood, creamy rice with lobster, sausages and apples sautŽed, backs of red mullets in mint juice, diced red meat with Iberian jam and gamonŽu ... real dessert jewels as home cakes, chocolate frisuelos filled with rice pudding and hazelnut mousse.

Lots of restaurants for gourmets spread along this region. Most of them offer big rooms for banquets, exclusive and little rooms and modern dinning rooms for a public in search of new atmospheres, and warm locals, without too much decoration, because the most important thing is the our menu.

But not less important is the traditional cookery with extravagant proposals, using new products such as kangaroo fillets or grilled ostrich.

Asturias is not out of the general country tendency; the establishment of restaurants with recipes from the five continents, highlighting the famous oriental recipes found in most of the Asturian cities.

Text: © Ramón Molleda for desdeasturias.com

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