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Virtual treasures of Asturias

Virtual treasures of Asturias

Virtual treasures of Asturias
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    What is geocaching? The basic idea is the positioning of a treasure or cache through GPS coordinates. These coordinates are registered in the official geocaching page. In actuality there are 25 Asturian treasures that, under the name "The Treasure of Asturias", allows access to the description of each route, its tracks and the treasure that each hides.

    The Asturian network visits 24 councils, along more than 130 km. that travel more than 100 locations and documented with more than 200 photographs. They are in the municipalities of Cangas del Narcea, Cangas de Onis, Candamo, Valdés (Brieves and Cadavedo), Piloña, Colunga, Somiedo, Noreña, Taramundi, Oviedo, Morcín, Belmonte, Parres, Infiesto, Corvera, El Franco, Villanueva de Oscos , Onís, Grado, Quirós, S. Martín de Oscos, Las Regueras, Illano and Llanes.

    With the Principality Treasury Network, the aim is to promote the use of ICT through satellite geolocation tools (GPS) among the Asturian population, while betting on alternative strategies for tourism and active leisure.

    Geocaching also works as a social network in which the people who participate comment and share their routes, photographs, highlighting what they found most attractive and interesting ...

    More info at www.geocaching.com

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