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Jovellanos Theater

A theater for all ages

Jovellanos Theater

A theater for all ages

Essential reference in the network of national public theaters, the Jovellanos Theater of Gijón offers throughout the year a program whose main selective criterion is quality. Thus arises an open, eclectic and timeless cultural proposal where artistic voices matter over trends, fashions or box office. The Jovellanos is, then, cultural territory of the city, the physical space of the creators, artists, authors, and of course, the public.

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The Jovellanos Theater is the first cultural reference in Gijón. Located In the heart of the city, in the busy Paseo de Begoña, we are presented with an eclectic architectural style, in line with the buildings that surround it but adding an unusual facade. The external face of this theater evokes its eminently scenic role, with its pilasters decorated with allegorical trophies, its blind stained glass windows, arches and the upper gallery with a large molded cornice.

Inside it develops annually the most diverse cultural program; the most extensive of all the Principality. We are talking about one of the national public coliseums with the best infrastructures and considered one of the ones that offers more programming during the twelve months of the year, with a greater number of shows and fewer closing days. As soon as we can go to a date with the best classical music, to a rock concert or Gospel, a traditional play, the most avant-garde of the stage proposals or a puppet show. Dance, opera, ballet, monologue, high-level colloquiums or film screenings, as the main venue of the International Film Festival of Gijón in the month of November.

Its capacity, which is around 1200 seats, make it a center of the first magnitude in which to accommodate citizen expectation in large cultural events. The activities of the Jovellanos Theater take place mainly in this municipal coliseum, although for certain events of greater capacity also organizes events in other venues in the city: Plaza de Toros, Palacio de los Deportes, Las Mestas Racecourse, El Molinón Stadium… It is for this reason a municipal entity with great dynamism and related, in one way or another, with practically all the free and recreational activities that take place throughout the city, including a parallel program in the main festive events in Gijón such as Christmas, Antroxu or Semana Grande, when the city's patron saint festivities take place.

In its dynamizing aspect of popular festivals as well grants grants to neighborhoods and parishes for the organization of their own festivities, and their annual budget is gradually approaching the 10 million euros.

This emblematic theater was inaugurated in the month of July of 1899, Under the name of Dindurra Theater. Its construction obeys the demand for an evolving villa and followed the canons of an eminent architect, Mariano Marín. To raise it, the ground floor of a Renaissance building from the XNUMXth century was used. The theater was later destroyed by a bomb and rebuilt in 1937., preserving the large arcades of the original façade, expanding it and providing it with one more floor, then renamed Teatro Jovellanos.

In 1970 it passed into the hands of the City Council, being rehabilitated to equip it with the most modern technologies. In 1995 was reopened after a deep rehabilitation and celebrated its 1er centennial in 1999 with a brilliant concert by the tenor Alfredo Kraus.

Your latest reform, the most important, he recovered his physical image and at the same time multiplied the effectiveness of public space. In this center of the renovated boulevard and park of Begoña, together with its intimate ally the Café Dindurra, the Teatro Jovellanos opens its doors almost daily to be a place of novelties and enjoyment for citizens.

The most prominent proper names of popular culture of the 100th century have passed through its stage of more than XNUMX square meters, and already in the XXI he is rounding his particular history of acts that to date is incessant.

In the Jovellanos Theater every year, in the month of November, one of the most special film festivals in Spain, the International Film Festival of Gijón

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coordinates Latitude: 43.5393867 Length: -5.6617031


Paseo de Begoña, 11
33201, Gijón

Contact phone number : 985 18 29 29

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