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Workshops at the Tito Bustillo Center

Workshops at the Tito Bustillo Center

Workshops at the Tito Bustillo Center

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    The Rock Art Center of Tito Bustilllo has programmed for these next weekends four activities that bring us closer to the evolution of ceramics throughout history. Workshops open to all audiences. Two groups will be formed -of a maximum of 15 people per group-, Group A of adults and young people from 13 years and Group B for children from 4 to 12 years.

    Saturday March 15. 12.00 hours.
    Paleolithic: the first artists. Different prehistoric representations will be made by drawing with mud and pigments, using the fingers and natural elements.

    Saturday March 22. 12.00 hours.
    Neolithic: clay figures. Realistic figures will be built imitating the first feminine manifestations or some quadrupeds.

    Sunday March 30. 12.00 hours.
    Vessels and vessels. Using different techniques (manual kneading, method of counting, molds ...) vessels and vessels will be made.

    Sunday April 6. 12.00 hours.
    Small and great potters. The behavior of the mud and the sensation will be experienced when modeling it when it turns on the wheel.

    Club prices (materials included)
    - 4 workshops voucher: € 12 (general price: € 18).
    - individual workshop: € 4 (general price: € 6).

    It is essential to reserve in advance.

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