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Talasoponiente, wellness in Gijón

The sea as therapy all year

Talasoponiente, wellness in Gijón

The sea as therapy all year

The sea can be put at the service of the health and well-being of all, accessible to any kind of public, as in this great marine complex, in the vicinity of Poniente beach. Here the thalassotherapy It is a very healthy method with the water of the Cantabrian Sea available at any time of the year.

Talasoponiente It is a thalassotherapy center, but also a large sports complex and an aquatic leisure park, designed for wellness, health and fun.

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The glass and slate building, with its bright and spacious interiors, is a good example of avant-garde architecture. Oriented to the south and overlooking the Bay of Biscay, it integrates perfectly into the surroundings and defines the urban profile of Poniente gijonés. A modern three-floor facility that has the vocation and the spirit of the old spas and that summarizes at the same time the marine essence of a modern city. Equipped with a complete range of services (thalassotherapy, gym, activity rooms, physiotherapy ...).

Three areas in Talasoponiente

1 The thalassotherapy area It is a space to relax, take care of and enjoy the effects of the marine environment thanks to active marine pools with water beds, swan necks, hydromassage seats, bubble seats, vertical hydromassage and hydromassage. We also found a hypersaline water pool: Flotarium which contains salt water of extremely high mineralization, similar to that of the Dead Sea, and temperature close to the body (36º). A very dim light cancels visual stimuli. Everything contributes to eliminate the 90 percent of the signals sent to the brain, causing sensory isolation and a deep state of physical, nervous and mental relaxation. The pediluvio is an application of cold water under pressure in lower limbs along a corridor of pebbles: its toning effect improves circulation in the legs. On the outdoor terrace we find another heated marine pool.

If what you are looking for are different sensations in personalized spaces, the thalassotherapy area also offers thematic circuits: Finnish, Roman, Japanese and sensory. These circuits alternate a dry part (sauna), a wet part (steam bath), contrast showers of different types and relaxation areas. The sensory circuit consists of a marine pool with music therapy and chromotherapy and a relaxation area to achieve total relaxation of body and mind.

2 The aquatic leisure park It is another of the areas of this center. It is located in the very heart of the property, overlooking the Poniente beach, here the user has all kinds of games and activities based on water: slides, hydromassage pool, countercurrent river, cave with water curtain, bucket shower cold, shower nebulizer and swimming pools equipped to continue enjoying (active marine pool, baby pool and heated outdoor pool with access from inside the building).

3 Sport Area: Talasoponiente is also a sports complex with a large fitness room (420 square meters with the most modern equipment) and four more rooms where more than 30 activities are conducted by specialized personnel, among which "kinesis" stands out. new method of personal training with exercises to improve strength, flexibility and stability.

As a complement to the facilities, the sports complex also has a swimming pool for free training or for collective aquatic activities.

On the top floor, the splendid views of Cimadevilla, the Marina and the beach of Poniente encourage us to enjoy the outdoor terrace and restaurant with rich cuisine. The stay in the center can be completed with a walk through its shopping gallery.

The area of ​​beauty and well-being complete this unique offer: a location to feel the benefits of the sea through the hands of expert physiotherapists. Massages and decontracting, relaxing, beauty, anti-stress ...

Finally, Talasoponiente includes a Physical therapy clinic which essentially uses sea water: sodium, calcium, iodine, sulfur ... Elements that, together with the temperature and water pressure, relieve pain and improve health: hydrocolonotherapy, physiotherapy, aquatic physiotherapy, chiropractic, osteopathy ... The area The main feature of this naturalistic clinic is an integral circuit with a clay bank, local decontracting massage, inhaler and seawater pool with gymnastic machines and underwater jets.

Text: © Ramón Molleda for desdeasturias.com

coordinates Latitude: 43.5429192 Length: -5.6702328


Poniente Beach - East Dike
33206, Gijón

Contact phone number : 984 490 490

More information: Talasoponiente

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