Summer Ribadesella 2019

Summer Ribadesella 2019
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We detail here all the musical, festive and leisure events that will take place this Summer 2019 en the villa riosellana.
Have a good summer!

·· Painting exhibition Lourdes Ramírez
From the 1 to the 14 of July. House of Culture.

· · Festivities of Our Lady of Guidance
Big day Saturday 6 for July.
2019 Guide Parties

·· Children's workshops at night
Wednesday 10, 17 and 24, from 21 to 22: 30 hours. For children from 6 to 12 years. Town Hall Square.

·· Music in the street «Small Club Impossible»
11 from July to 23: 00 hours, Church Square.

·· Street Craft Fair
From 12 to July 21, Paseo Letizia

·· XXII Painting Contest in the street "Darío de Regoyos"
Saturday 13 July
The Friends of Ribadesella Cultural Association, in collaboration with the City Council of Ribadesella, announces a new edition of this contest. The contest will start at 10.00 hours and end at 18.30 hours. The inscriptions will be made from the 10.00 hours until the 12.00 hours in the House of Culture. The prizes will be delivered the same day to the 20.30 hours in the auditorium of the House of Culture. First prize of 850 €, second prize of 500 € and prize to the local painter of 350 €. Award for the best watercolor of 350 €. More info on

·· Painting exhibition Janice V Hince
From the 16 to the 31 of July. House of Culture.

· · Children's pottery workshop on the street
15 from July to the 19: 00 hours, Plaza del Ayuntamiento.

· · Odyssey Theater, "And with Paz ... the war came"
16 from July to 20: 30 hours. Town Hall Square.

·· XXV Jazz Festival
19 and 20 of July, at 23: 00 hours, Plaza del Ayuntamiento.

·· V Jet Fair
July 24, 25, 26, 27 and 28. Letizia walk. July 24 only late.

·· Malecón's children's party
July 25, starting at 18: 00 hours, Malecon Park.

·· XI Fashion Week
25, 26, 27 and 28 in July, starting at 20: 30 hours, Plaza Nueva.

·· XV Cheese Fair
July 27, Maria Cristina Square


·· Children's workshops at night
Wednesday 7, 14, 21 and 28, from 21 to 22: 30 hours. For children from 6 to 12 years. Town Hall Square.

·· Painting exhibition José Aníbal Mier González
From 1 to 15 in August. House of Culture.

·· Big Week of Piragües

83ª Edition of the Fiesta de las Pirguas
Saturday August 3

· · Mago Pelayo, 9 from August to 21.30 hours, Plaza del Ayuntamiento.

Quesu de Cuerres Fair
9 August

·· Music in the street «The version of events»
15 from August to the 23: 00 hours, Plaza de la Iglesia.

·· Malecón's children's party
16 in August, from 18: 00 hours, Malecón Park.

· · Concerts of the Cuevona de Ardines
August 15, 16, 17 and 18 days. Concert of Cyntia Zebaze 18 of August.

· · Children's pottery workshop on the street
19 from August to 19: 00 hours, Plaza del Ayuntamiento.

·· Photography exhibition
Jose Luis Martinez Pandiello
From 19 to 31 in August. House of Culture.

·· Toilet Paper Theater, "Sinister and sinister"
20 from August to 20: 30 hours. Town Hall Square.

·· Recital-presentation of the book «Poems of love symmetric» by Emilio Ureta.
23 from August to 20: 00 hours, Casa de Cultura.

·· Traveling book fair «Fantabulosa»
24 in August, Plaza del Ayuntamiento.

·· 'V Fartukarte Food & Wear Market'
From August 23 to 25
Ribadesella will host this event for the third year in August: food trucks, quality traveling food served in roulots, vans, buses or vans. 'Fartukarte Food & Wear Market' is a festival of street food and a vintage market of clothing and crafts ... It will have the participation of more than forty companies, some of which will be installed in the esplanade at the end of Paseo de la Grúa.
Friday and Saturday from 11 to 24 hours, and Sunday from 11 to 21 hours.

·· Indian Market
30 and 31 for August, 1 for September. Princess Letizia ride.

· · Habaneras Festival
September 8

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