Asturias Summer Parties 2020

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What parties will there be this summer in Asturias? The pandemic has changed the festive calendar.
Social distancing is one of the most effective measures to avoid infections, which has caused that some of the most popular summer festivals in Asturias have had to be canceled this 2020. Here we inform you in detail and by locality the festivals that are still standing , those that have been canceled and those that there is still no official confirmation one way or the other.

Gijón 2020 festivities

· Metropolis Festival
Its celebration depends on "being able to guarantee the safety of attendees, workers and artists", they assure from the direction of the event.
The planned dates are the 26 5 June to July.

· Tsunami Xixón Festival
The organizers consider the celebration of the festival difficult in a few months and have expressed their wish to postpone the edition to 2021, but its postponement cannot be confirmed yet. The dates are from the 30 from July to the 1 from August.

· International Fair of Samples (Fidma)
Its celebration is in the air, although for the moment it has not been suspended. The planned dates are 1 to August 16.

· The 2020 Big Week is still on, but the programming will adapt to the restrictions of the coronavirus crisis.
The planned dates are 7 to August 16. Alternatives are being sought to replace the concerts in the Plaza Mayor and in the Poniente esplanade.

The organization is holding the Cometcon, which was to be held in April, but was postponed to August.
The new dates are on August 28, 29 and 30 at the Luis Adaro fairground in Gijón.

Parties suspended in Gijón:
· The Midsummer cancelled.
· Air festival from July 26 is canceled.
· The prau parties de Castiello, Cabueñes, Mareo, Cenero and Somió are suspended.

Oviedo 2020 festivities

· San Juan's bonfires
There is still no official confirmation, but the difficulty in regulating the capacity or the safety distance casts doubt on its celebration.

· San Mateo festivities. A determination has not yet been made from the consistory.
The planned dates are from September 13 to 21.

Parties suspended in Oviedo:
· The Ascension Fair suspended.
· He Tuesday of Field cancelled.

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