Summer Asturias 2019

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How Summer is just around the corner we give you clues to have fun as a family, with friends or as a couple. Outdoor plans to enjoy 100% of a well-deserved vacation.
Some proposals that you can not ignore In asturias:

Descent of the Sella in Canoe

Traveling with children in Asturias

La agenda is full of events, with the most popular festivals of the Asturian geography. Everyone to have fun!

· From the 5 to the 7 of July Llanera, Festival of the Exconxuraos
· From the 5 to the 14 of July Gijón, Black Week
· 7 of July Paru Llagüezos (Quirós / Lena), Lamb feast
· 13 for July Natural Cider Festival of Nava
· 16 from July Cangas del Narcea, Our Lady of Carmen and The Download
· From the 17 to the 28 for July Gijón Life Festival
· 20 July Vidiagorock. Llanes The XIV edition of Vidiago Rock this year with camping area, the best rock music, food stalls, discounts on accommodation and many more surprises.
· From the 20 to the 28 for July Intercélticu Festival. "Las Meanas", Avilés. Music, dance, workshops, crafts and activities for all types of public that revolve around the commemoration of the "Celtic countries".
· 21 of July Gijón, XIV Air Festival of Gijón. At 12 hours, San Lorenzo beach.
· 21 and 22 for July Fiestas del Carmín in Pola de Siero
· 22 of July Llanes, Feast of St. Mary Magdalene
· From the 23 to the 28 of July Gijón. Arcu Atlánticu. Festival that has as main axes tourism, culture and economic development. Musical performances, Portuguese market, literary activities ...
· From the 25 to the 28 for July Motorbeachfest. Beach The Espasa, Caravia Baja. Incredible festival of cult to the "Beach Life", camping area, international artists, surf, skate park and much more ...
· From the 25 to the 28 of July Salinas (Castrillón), International Longboard Surf Salinas Festival
· From the 26 to the 28 of July Villaviciosa, Red Fruits Festival Berry Festival
· From the 26 to the 28 of July Candás (Carreño), Festival of Bandes de Gaites Villa de Candás
· From the 26 to the 28 of July Navelgas (Tineo), National Gold Batting Championship
· From 26 to 28 by Julio Colunga, Traditional market «Nos Alcuentros»
· From 26 to 28, from 30 to 31 from July and from 2 to 4 from August Luanco, Equestrian Contest of Luanco
· July 28 La Peruyal, Arriondas (Parres), Bollu Festival
· 28 of July Vega de Enol (Cangas de Onís), Pastor's Party
· 28 of July La Braña de Aristébano (Valdés), Vaqueirada Party
· From the 28 July to the 3 of August International Festival of Music of Piantón. Esteban de Piantón, Vegadeo. International classical music festival
· From the 31 of July to the 5 of August Tapia de Casariego, D'Occidente Interceltic Festival
· 31 from July to 1 September, Gijón, Kooza, Circus of the Sun

Month of August
· 1 of August Candás, Sardine Festival
· 1, 2, 3 and 4 from August Arriondas, Riverland Festival
· 1, 2 and 3 of August Cangas de Onís, XIX Cangas de Onís Musical Encounters
· From the 1 to the 28 of August Avilés, Festivities of San Agustín
· 3 of August Arriodas / Ribadesella, Fiesta de las Pirguas - International Descent of Sella
· 3 and 4 of August Oles (Villaviciosa), Traditional Merchant of Oles
· From the 3 to the 4 of August San Martín de Luiña (Cudillero), Vaqueiro Market
· From the 3 to the 18 of August Gijón, International Fair of Samples of Gijón
· 4 of August Gijón, Day of Asturias
· 4 of August Pravia, Xiringüelu Festival
· 4 of August Navia, Descent to swim of the estuary of Navia
· From the 7 to the 15 of August Gijón, Big Week of the Feasts of Begoña
· From the 8 to the 11 of August Tazones, XVII Feria del Azabache
· From the 8 to the 11 of August Cangas del Narcea, Prestoso Festival. Independent music festival
· From the 8 to the 14 of August Avilés, XXV Beer Festival
· 12 of August Valdesoto (Siero), Float parade
· 16 of August Llanes and Tineo, Festival of San Roque
· 17 of August Vegarrionda, Piloña. Vegarrionda Festival
· 17 from August Laviana, Folkloric Descent of the Nalón
· From the 17 to the 19 of August Llanes, VII Feria del Azabache
· From 17 to August 19 Puerales de Cabrales, DoorsFilm Fest 2019
· 22 of August Luarca (Valdés), San Timoteo
· 23 of August Avilés, Concert Love of Lesbian, Ángel Stanich y Mucho, Niemeyer Center
From 23 to 25 Arriondas, IV Indianos Fair
· 24 of August Majada de Espineres (Piloña), Fiestas del Asturcón
· 24 of August Tazones (Villaviciosa), First Landing of Charles V
· 25 of August Navelgas (Tineo), Day of the peoples of Asturias
· From the 19 to the 25 of August Gijón, Natural Cider Festival
· 25 of August Arenas de Cabrales (Cabrales), Cabrales Cheese Contest
· 28 of August Cadavedo (Valdés), The Regalina

Month of September
· September 1 Cangas de Onís, Fisherman's Party
· 7 of September Gijón, Nacho Vegas Concert in the Botanical Garden
· September 8 Llanes, Feast of the Virgin of the Guide
· September 8 El Carbayu (Langreo), Feast of Our Lady of El Carbayu
· 10 and 11 of September Puentevega - Valle de Arango (Pravia), Festivity of the Ponte
· 13 and 14 of September Nueva de Llanes (Llanes), Festival of Santo Cristo del Amparo
· From 13 to September 15 Cangas de Onís, «Astures, Pelayo, our King»
· From 13 to 18 of September Villaviciosa, Portal Parties
· From 10 to September 14 Rallye 'Princess of Asturias'
· From the 14 to the 23 of September Oviedo, Festivities of San Mateo
· 27 of September Mieres, Pilgrimage of the Holy Martyrs of Valdecuna

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