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Green trails of Asturias

Green trails of Asturias

Green trails of Asturias
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    It is already possible to practice the so-called 'slow' philosophy in Asturias: 83 green paths that run through our community, more than 1.300 kilometers to disconnect, walk and / or pedal, being able to choose Asturias, coastal, inland or mountain. There is an Asturias for each walker / passer-by.

    PR-AS 30. Route allerana de les Brañes
    PR-AS 31. Sickles of the Pino River
    PR-AS 48. Route of the Gumial
    PR-AS 133. Route of the Sources

    PR AS-149.1 Camín de la Reina

    Belmonte de Miranda
    PR AS-138. Route Salmones Arriba
    PR AS-144. Route of the Castañal
    PR AS-145. Vaqueira Route of Belmonte de Miranda
    PR AS-146. Route from l'Altu la Brnza to Auviñana
    PR AS-184. Archaeological route of Belmonte de Miranda
    PR AS-201. Route of L'Estoupiellu

    PR AS-139. La Baúa Trail
    PR AS-47.1. Mount La Zorea
    PR AS-47.2. Tunnel of Saús
    PR AS-140. Peña Mayor - Trigueiro
    PR AS-141. Senda Los Molinos
    PR AS-142. Peña del Hombre

    PR AS-52. Peña Cabrera Route

    Cangas del Narcea
    SL AS-20. Route of the Cueva de Arbas
    PR AS-110. Route of the Cabril
    PR AS-111. Route of the Lagoons of Caldevilla
    PR AS-112. Route of the Cibea Valley
    PR AS-132. Moal Forest Route

    PR AS-60. Route of the Waterfall'l Taballón
    PR AS-60.1. Route Puertu Tarna
    PR AS-61. Route of the Arrudos
    PR AS-64. Pendones - Orlé directions
    PR AS-65. Cordal of Ponga
    PR AS-65.1. Pendones - Vega Baxu directions
    PR AS-66. Route of Brañagallones
    PR AS-66.1. Route of the Peña'l Vientu
    PR AS-66.2. Cantu L'Osu route through Valdebezón
    PR AS-124. Route of the Head L'Arcu
    PR AS-125. Nieves - Orlé Route through Llagu Ovia
    PR AS-126. Ruta del Valle del Ríu Mediu

    GR AS-19. Cyclist and pedestrian coastal path

    PR AS-134. Route between beaches
    More info on Route between beaches.
    PR AS-135. Route of Gobiendes
    PR AS-136. Route of La Riera
    PR AS-196. Route of the Mysteries of the Sea

    PR-AS 170. Route Río Ñora
    Greenway La Camocha-Roces
    Senda del Peña France

    PR-AS 6. Route of the Ancares
    PR-AS 7. Piggy Bank Route
    PR-AS 8. Route of the Lakes of Sisterna
    PR-AS 9. Route of the Braña de Llanelo
    PR-AS 23. Route of the Miravalles Peak
    PR-AS 24. Route of the Faena
    PR-AS 26. Route of Las Pallozas de Santiso
    PR-AS 27. Route of the Bustelín Gorge
    PR-AS 28. Route of the Chao da Serra
    PR-AS 29. Seroiro's Dolmen Route

    Nava Local Trail
    PR AS-45. Foces del Río Pendón
    PR AS-46. Route of the Picu La Múa
    PR AS-67. Route of Santo Tomás de Priandi
    PR AS-147. Path from Ceceda to Cabranes by the Coroña de Castru
    PR AS-148. Senderu d'El Remediu
    PR AS-198. Route along the banks of the Peña River

    SL AS-22. Path of the Nonaya Waterfall
    SL AS-23. Walk through Malleza
    PR AS-128. Salmon Trail
    PR AS-131. Upload to Viso

    Santo Adriano
    Senda del Oso (Section 1: Tuñón-Proaza)
    More info on Path of the Bear.
    PR AS-187 Ruta de las Xanas
    More info on Route of the Xanas.

    PR-AS 160. Vega de Poja Path - Picu Castiellu
    PR-AS 161. Senda Les Casuques - Picu Fariu
    PR-AS 162. Senda Saús de Abajo - Mosquito net
    PR-AS 163. Toceo path
    PR-AS 174. Mining of Jovellanos

    PR-AS 10. Route of El Cornón
    PR-AS 11. Route of the Braña de Mumián
    PR-AS 12. Route of the Brañas de Saliencia
    PR-AS 13. Route of Castro
    PR-AS 14. Route of La Peral - Villar de Vildas
    PR-AS 14.1. Route of the Pigüeña Valley
    PR-AS 15. Route of the Lakes of Saliencia
    PR-AS 15.1. Valley of the Lake Route
    PR-AS 16. Route of El Puerto - Lake Valley
    PR-AS 16.1. Braña de Sousas route

    PR-AS 17. Water Route
    PR-AS 18. Route of the Ferreiros
    PR-AS 19. Route of the Sierra de Eiroa
    PR-AS 20. Route of Bres
    PR-AS 21. Route Sun and Shadow
    PR-AS 22. Route of the Mills
    PR-AS 102. Route of the Ouroso
    PR-AS 102.1. Teixo - Os Teixois directions

    PR-AS 50. Route Mariñana de los Molinos
    PR-AS 51. Peña Cabrera
    PR-AS 137. Route of the mills of the Profundu
    More info on Route of the mills.
    PR-AS 199. Route of the Azabache

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