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Coastal path of Llanes

Coastal path of Llanes

All Llanes on the edge of the sea

Coastal path of Llanes

All Llanes on the edge of the sea

Its more than 30 kilometers of travel for hiking or biking. It is traveled by the coast of the entire municipality, from west to east, or from east to west, as you wish, from Bustio, in the neighboring council of Ribadedeva, to Guadamía in Ribadesella, or vice versa. Of course, you can start in any area of ​​the council, where you want and walk after what you want. It is also not necessary to stick a choker at one time, especially if you are walking and what you are looking for is fresh air and unique places to hang out.

In this coastal path of Llanes, the open spaces that are discovered on the cliffs stand out. With a sunny day the mountains are almost reflected in the sea, the reliefs are confused in a picture of extraordinary proportions. To walk along this coastal path is to discover with rigor one of the best-finished landscapes of the natural architecture of Asturias. If we are doing stopovers in the villages that come to meet us, we discover thousands of idiosyncrasies separated by just hundreds of meters.

Remarkable points of the route, to highlight some especially as milestones for lovers of geography and references:

From west to east, for example: Recreation area of ​​Guadamía (proverbial corner enabled for rest, hidden in the cliff, you can see in the vicinity the natural rock bridges that the sea has been building), Golf Course Viewpoint, (spectacular panoramic view of the Picos de Europa, Cantabrian Mountains and the open sea, all at your fingertips), the area of ​​Puertas de Vidiago, Arenilla Bufones (wild waterfalls that are a natural monument) and idol of Peña You (artistic representations of the Bronze Age), pendueles (a town with an almost unique sample of Casas de Indianos), Buelna (a beautiful rural enclave, with an unforgettable cove included), Pimiango (it houses the cave caves of Pindal, of extraordinary importance, and a tour on the high coast highly recommended).

Thirty kilometers that are caught by where they are caught give a lot. It is necessary to take a appropriate footwear (no shoes) and walk without fear provided with some sandwich. The most gourmets will not miss Asturian table in the villages, some of them almost unusual, others, loaded with tradition in the service sector, with restaurants and accommodations of true luxury.

In just an hour and a half, walking and contemplating without haste, you can do this little tour, which at the same time crosses from north to south, or vice versa, the friendly town of Puertas de Vidiago.

We leave the N-634 aside and start by entering the town. We cross a local road that contains splendid constructions to both margins. We continue and to our left is the bowling alley, with good weather you can enjoy watching the practice of this sport, traditional in the area. We follow the same rectilinear path. Already to the outskirts of the town, right next to the cemetery, a path begins, affluent of the coastal path with which it will cross more ahead, unmistakable by its whitish aspect of fine granilla. From there to buffoons we can take a quarter of an hour. In a moment the sea comes suddenly and majestically. We also have a great perspective of the mountains, in the middle the road continues and is lost in the horizon towards Andrín. We are throwing the brakes. Hidden and scattered, communicated by small paths, are the wells and cracks in the open sky that has carved the enraged water over the centuries. To be able to see the waterfalls, it is necessary that the Bay of Biscay be a bit rough and full tide. If the water roars, goes up snorting through the limestone walls and bursts in front of us, it is not advisable to be too bold and observe the phenomenon from a prudent distance.

We still have the courage to go around the whole journey. We cross the N-634 and follow a new path, perfectly marked, this time ascending. The ancestral wealth of Llanes has a custom symbol up there, twenty minutes away: the idol of Peña Tú. A being engraved in a mysterious rock, outlined by the winds that whip the flat saw where it is inscribed. Belongs to the Bronze Age and presents one of the best preserved symbols of the time, with paintings and engravings and a good amount of burial mounds in the environment. In the peña figure the abstract image of an individual: the supposed idol, more than a meter high and geometric line. Of his anatomy, being conscientiously wrapped in alleged robes, only the simple face is noticed with his two eyes and a nose. The engraving has a deep stroke and color pigments, like the weapon, possibly a sword, which is at his side. With outline outline, on the side of the rock facing east, several little men are discovered that give the feeling of walking. One of them carries a large cane in his right hand. Symbols all speak to us of hierarchies, fighters and battles, those of a rude man, limited in means of survival, which led the first stages of development of history in the council.

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S-cape Travel It offers an itinerant package of 8 days to travel by conventional or electric bicycle the Coastal Path of Llanes and continue along the Asturian coast to Gijón. Package includes:

  • Accommodation with breakfast (in 5 different hotels)
  • 2 dinners
  • Luggage transfer between hotels
  • Maps and detailed route descriptions
  • Tracks in digital format
  • Option to rent conventional or electric bicycles

Text: © Ramón Molleda for desdeasturias.com

Total distance: 21902 m
Maximum height: 150 m
Minimum height: 7 m
Ascent slope: 516 m
Descent slope: -499 m
Time spent: 09:25:42
Travel: One way, Buelna - Llanes

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