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Holy Week Ribadesella 2018

Holy Week Ribadesella 2018

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    Many are those who leave these dates indicated to share special moments, Holy Week is usually a time to enjoy away from home in the company of family and friends.
    Here we share the agenda of events in Ribadesella for these holidays.

    ***IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT*** The organizing committee of the Ribadesella Beach Horse Racing has decided, this March 28, suspend the 29 edition of these popular races due to the terrible state of the Santa Marina sandbank; after the last storms the beach presents the opening of a very dangerous channel for riders.

    XXIX Ribadesella 2018 Horse Race

    «The Horse Racing of the Ribadesella Beach» are organized as a recreational and sporting event of an amateur nature, to promote the promotion of horse riding. A distance of approximately 1.500 meters is traveled in a unique environment.

    FRIDAY, 30 OF MARCH OF 2018:
    - THIRD CATEGORY: Horses and mares Purebred Arab.
    - FOURTH CATEGORY: Mixed horses and mares.
    - Equestrian show.

    SATURDAY, 31 MARCH OF 2018:
    - FIRST CATEGORY: Horses and mares Pure English Blood (PSI).
    - SECOND CATEGORY: Horses and cross mares of PSI.

    In all categories, the minimum weight of the rider is 70 Kilos. In each category there is 1.500 € in prizes.

    More info Ribadesella Horse Race

    Religious acts Holy Week 2018

    Domingo de Ramos, March 25
    12.00 hours Blessing of branches and Eucharist

    Holy Thursday, March 29
    19.00 hours Dinner of the Lord
    21.00 hours Holy Hour

    Good Friday, March 30
    19.00 hours Celebration Death of the Lord
    21.00 hours Procession Via Crucis

    Holy Saturday, March 31
    21.00 hours Solemn Easter Vigil

    Easter Sunday, April 1
    12.00 hours Eucharist
    20.00 hours Eucharist

    Guided tours WEEK SANTA 2018

    Advance reservation required at 985 86 00 38, telephone number of the Municipal Tourist Office of Ribadesella.
    Wednesday 28 March

    11: 00 h. Rock Art Center
    12: 00 h. Indian Walk
    16: 30 h. Rock Art Center
    18: 00 h. Slice

    Thursday 29 March
    11: 00 h. Slice
    12: 00 h. Old town
    13: 00 h. Fishing port
    16: 30 h. Old Town
    18: 00 h. Slice

    Friday 30 March
    11: 00 h. Slice
    12: 00 h. Old town
    13: 00 h. Fishing port
    16: 30 h. Slice
    18: 00 h. Indian Walk

    Saturday 31 March
    11: 00 h. Slice
    12: 00 h. Old town
    13: 00 h. Fishing port
    16: 30 h. Old Town
    18: 00 h. Slice

    Sunday April 1
    11: 00 h. Slice
    12: 00 h. Indian Walk

    Holy Week Llanes 2018

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