Camping Playa Los Sauces
Ctra. De San Pedro s / n - The Beach, Ribadesella
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Camping Playa Los Sauces is an establishment registered in the Register of Companies and Tourist Activities of the Principality of Asturias With the code: CT0028
Complete the following form to request information and the establishment will contact you as soon as possible.

It's located about 600 meters from the beach of Santa Marina, and 1,2 kms from the urban center of Ribadesella, and only about 3,5 kms from the beautiful beach of Vega.

The campsite has 20.000 square meters of farm with trees.
At your disposal also has bungalows with a capacity for five people maximum.

Open all year long.
In addition to season, we rent bungalows throughout the year.

Restaurant / cafeteria, supermarket and WIFI area. Children's workshop
We admit fixed caravans throughout the year. We also offer "Caravan Day Care".

Low season:
Adult ..... 5,00 €
Child ....... 4,00 €
Family Store ...... 7,00 €
Car ............ 5,00 €
Motorcycle .......... 4,00 €
C. bed ........... 8,50 €
Caravan ............ 7,00 €
Light ............ 4,00 €

High Season:
Adult ..... 5,50 €
Child ....... 4,50 €
Family Store ...... 7,50 €
Car ............ 5,50 €
Motorcycle .......... 4,50 €
C. bed ........... 9,00 €
Caravan ............ 7,50 €
Light ............ 4,50 €

2018 Bungalows

Low season
Model 1, 2 people: 45 €
Model 1, 3 people: 55 €
Model 1, 4 people: 65 €

High Season
Model 1, 2 people: 65 €
Model 1, 3 people: 75 €
Model 1, 4 people: 85 €

Low season
Model 2, 2 people: 55 €
Model 2, 3 people: 65 €
Model 2, 4 people: 75 €
Model 2, 5 people: 85 €

High Season
Model 2, 2 people: 95 €
Model 2, 3 people: 105 €
Model 2, 4 people: 115 €
Model 2, 5 people: 125 €

10% VAT included.

We work with active tourism companies in the area to carry out the descent of the Sella by canoe, hiking trails, canyoning in one of the most beautiful rivers in Asturias, quad biking ...

The campsite has 250 seats in camping and with 14 / 70 seats in bungalows, which have television, duvet covers, kitchenware and microwave.

Open all year long.
In addition to season, we rent bungalows throughout the year.

-The reception is open from 10h to 22h.
-You must vacate the plot and pay the bill before the 13h. but one more day will be charged.
- Silence is requested from the 12 of the night until the 8h of the morning.
-The vehicles can not enter the camping area after the 12 at night.
-The door will close when the parking area is complete.
-It is forbidden to block the entrance to the campsite with badly parked vehicles.
-It is forbidden to wash vehicles and dig trenches in the ground.
-Please respect the vegetation and camping facilities.
-If you wish to leave the plot before opening the reception to the 10h. You must pay the invoice the day before.

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