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San Mateo Oviedo 2015

San Mateo Oviedo 2015

San Mateo Oviedo 2015

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    Oviedo already has the poster of artists who will perform at the San Mateo parties, from 11 to 21 next September and, among the most prominent names are Iggy Pop, Rick Astley and Raphael. Other outstanding performances will be those of Los Suaves, Pablo Alborán, Abraham Mateo, Auryn and Melendi. We detail all the full programming.

    Concerts in the Cathedral

    All concerts are at 21: 30 hours. The performances are in the order they appear.

    Friday September 11
    Estrella Morente

    Saturday September 12
    Lucia Scansetti
    Dynamic duo
    The Students

    Domigo 13 for September
    Pablo Moro

    Monday September 14
    Roland Tchakounté (Blues)
    Third World (Reggae)

    Tuesday September 15

    Wednesday September 16
    The Gospel Times
    Carlos Jean

    Thursday September 17
    Hip-Hop Night

    Friday September 18
    Asturian Celtic Orchestra

    Saturday September 19
    Jerónimo Granda
    The Lynxes
    Carlos Baute

    Sunday September 20
    The Real Straits

    Monday September 21
    Gajes del Oficio, Hammercross, Black Beans, Pin Carter, Leather Boys, Black Devil, No Comment.

    Concerts in La Ería

    Friday September 11
    The softest night: Crudo, Dixebra, Los Suaves. Concert time: 20: 30 h.

    Saturday September 12
    Tour «Terral». Concert time: 22: 00 h.

    Sunday September 13
    Abraham Mateo - Auryn
    Concert time: 21: 15 h.

    Tuesday September 15
    Soldier - The Illegals
    Concert time: 21: 00 h.

    Wednesday September 16
    Hyundai Contest Group: The Witnesses - Rick Astley
    Concert time: 21: 00 h.

    Thursday September 17
    Miguel Bosé
    Tour "I Love Tour"
    Concert time: 22: 00 h.

    Friday September 18
    Tour «Symphony». Oviedo Philharmonic Orchestra
    Concert time: 22: 00 h.

    Saturday September 19
    Faan Fest
    Artists in order of performance: Turbonegro, Diamond Dogs, The Vintage Carvan, Capsule, IGGY POP.
    Concert time: 18: 15 h.

    Sunday September 20
    Tour "One more student"
    Concert time: 21: 30 h.

    XVIII Rock Contest «City of Oviedo»

    The XVIII Rock Contest «City of Oviedo will take place with the aim of promoting the promotion and dissemination of Asturian rock music groups. The concerts will be held in Feijoo Square during the days 11, 12, 13, 16, 17,18, 19 and 20 in September at the time established by the organization.

    Theater in San Mateo

    September 11
    Mongolia. The musical
    20: 30 hours

    12 and September 13
    At the end of the road
    20: 30 hours

    15 and September 16
    15 of September 20: 30 hours, 16 of September 20: 00 and 22: 30 hours

    18 and September 19
    What the butler saw
    20: 30 hours

    20 and September 21
    Hot flushes
    20 of September 20: 00 and 22: 30 hours, 21 of September 20: 30 hours

    From September 22 to 30
    20: 00 hours

    Places for sale in:
    Ticket office of the Campoamor Theater: from 12,00 to 13,30 h. and from 16,00 to 20,00 h.
    Philharmonic Theater Box Office: from September 9 from 12,00 to 13,30 h. and of 16,00 h. until the start of the function.
    Phone sale: 902 106 601.
    Cashier Network Cajastur Tiquexpress.
    20% discount to the members of the SOF.

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