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San Juan Asturias 2019

San Juan Asturias 2019

San Juan Asturias 2019

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    There are many localities that celebrate the night of San Juan throughout the Asturian geography, here we leave the agenda of acts, concerts and bonfires of some of them.

    Fiesta San Juan in Oviedo, 23 June 2019

    In the Porlier Square
    · 18 to 21 h. Traditional children's games.
    · 21 to 23: 15 h. Performance Bandina Los Gascones and L'Andecha folklore d'Uvieu.
    · From 23,15:25 p.m. Mercau Astur Association will perform the show “Ritual Máxicu” This is a show with lights and effects that represents the traditional ritual of the night of San Xuan. XNUMX actors will stage it, accompanied by music and sounds of nature.
    · 00: 00 h. The Cuélebre representing the fire will light the fire in the plaza. Around the flames, where aromatic plants will burn, (lemon verbena, laurel, mint, etc.). L'Andecha folklore d'Uvieu, will organize a traditional dance of Oviedo, lost and recovered by them.

    Fiesta San Juan in Gijón, 23 June 2019

    · San Xuan on Poniente Beach, bonfire and fireworks at twelve o'clock at night.
    Night of fire and tradition at Poniente Beach.

    · The 22 and 23 days of June celebrates the arrival of summer in the Botanical Garden, with a party dedicated to the harvest, earthly and musical, obtained after several months of hard work. Yincanas, guided tours, workshops, theater and lots of music scattered around different corners will be part of the activities program.

    Fiesta San Juan in Avilés, 23 June 2019

    Ignition of the Foguera de San Juan, at 00: 00 h. The events take place in the Plaza de Pedro Menéndez with the bonfire and the popular Prima Dance around the fire.

    Fiesta San Juan in Mieres, 23 June 2019

    10 am VI Padel Tournament (Mixed category finals)
    · 12: 30 h. Big Band concert of Mieres. Auditorium Teodoro Cuesta.
    · 13: 00 h. Parade and concert of the Band of Music of Mieres (AMAM).
    · 14: 00 h. 33600 Concerts: Iria Estévez. Calle La Vega
    · 19: 00 h. XXX Tournament of Champions and Aces. Bowling Municipal Caudal.
    · 19: 00 h. 33600 Concerts: North Zone. Calle La Vega
    · 19: 00 h. Performance Luis Núñez and Los Flogazanes. Requexu.
    · 19: 30 h. Great parade for the Enrame de las Fuentes. Parade bagpipes bands and dance groups.
    · 20: 00 h. 33600 Concerts: The longest night. Doctor Cabeza Street
    · 20:30 h. Paellada San Juan 2019. Patio Liceu - Aniceto Sela.
    · 21: 00 h. 33600 Concerts: The Malquerida. Jerónimo Ibrán Street.
    · 23: 00 h. DJ Ángel de Amor performance. Plaza Requexu.
    · 23: 15 h. Fireworks. Castilete Pozu Barreo.
    · 00: 00 h. Bonfire of San Juan and Dance Prima. Constitution Plaza.
    · 00: 45 h. Concert Café Quijano "Life is not the, the, the." Jovellanos Park.
    · 02: 30 h. Panorama Orchestra. Vasco Mayacina

    Fiesta San Juan in other locations 23 June 2019

    San Juan in the Portiellu 2019

    Night of San Juan in Ribadesella
    Foguera San Xuan in Trasona, Corvera
    Feast of San Juan in Trelles, Coaña
    Feast of San Juan in Soirana, Navia
    Bonfire of San Juan in Bimenes
    Feast of San Juan in La Capitana, Luarca
    Feast of San Juan in La Fontana, Pravia
    Feast of San Juan in El Corral, Cangas del Narcea
    Feast of San Juan in Les Campes, Siero

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