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Ruta riosellana de la Sidra

Of ciders by Ribadesella

Ruta riosellana de la Sidra

Of ciders by Ribadesella

Although Ribadesella does not have a tradition of cider production, it has specialized in consumption like few Cantabrian villas. The success of its calls for the Asturian liquid is given by an unusual atmosphere in its cider houses, which they always have the highest quality cider, accompanying the talks or good tapas and letters of excellent seafaring tradition. The riosellano fish and the recipes of the village, cultivated with care for decades, are a safe bet for those who have an appetite.

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Many places like The Carroceu, The Campanu, The Guide, El Puerto, La Portiella, El Mesón de Ana or El Prau de Tereñes (of which we will speak shortly) have managed to keep the essence of Riosellana food as a treasure and, at the same time, enhance its own and meritorious cuisine with the best cider in the region.

The cider houses proliferate throughout the council, although mainly in the capital. The prestige of these meeting points can be seen in the extraordinary environment that you live inside. With the arrival of good weather, the charisma of these places is even more palpable, because the terraces are an extension of more atmosphere, more cider, talks, and good dishes.

The route in the urban area

In the old town, on Calle Manuel Fernández Juncos, we come across one of the most popular terraces and a large store inside. Is about The Inn of Ana, in which in addition to good cider, we can delight ourselves with one of the most famous cachopos in town. Of those that we must necessarily try and include in our culinary memory. Rich and varied tapas on its menu, traditional dishes and also a spoon like its excellent stew.

The Sidrería Carroceu It is a clear benchmark of good cider in Ribadesella. One of the first places in the town that specialized in pouring and good tapas. The cider house is located on the same pier of Ribadesella, which further reinforces its maritime character and makes it a privileged place to enjoy the local estuary. A refurbished interior with a careful decoration make the Carroceu a unique space. Its terrace is one of the busiest in the town, and is usually a place of mass meetings with the arrival of good weather. The cider is of extra quality and true professional stewards. All this makes the environment exceptional and cider above all else.

In the port riosellano is located the Seafood Restaurant El Campanu, its owner is passionate about indigenous gastronomy; at their premises offers fresh fish and seafood of the highest quality, captured mostly in Ribadesella and other Asturian ports. Sea bass, clams, hake, hake, xárago ... all washed down with a good cider.

Also at the estuary of the estuary we find the Sidrería El Puerto, a traditional local of the town whose specialty is the seafood and fish of the local fish market, with its seal of quality, also offering a wide assortment of typical tapas of Ribadesella and spoon dishes among which you highlight fabes with clams.

A few steps from the Port, in front of the bridge that crosses the estuary, we find the cider house The Guide, a cozy and traditional place that offers excellent tapas and meat and fish at your point. Currently it is one of the most frequented restaurants in Ribadesella, in its outdoor patio you can enjoy the best Asturian cider.

The route in the surroundings

In the beautiful village of Tereñes, we find two other restaurants.
One with extraordinary views of the pedra and the Cantabrian Sea, in La Portiella Cider House You can enjoy an environment like no other. In the sun, in the garden, a few bottles of good cider are poured, accompanying some delicious tapas of parishes, octopus or pantrucu, plate of origin riosellano, cousin of traditional black pudding. Their baked fish, from the sea to the table in a short time, with a unique flavor.

Also The Prau de Tereñes you enjoy good cider, the sun on your terrace or in your interior dining rooms. They serve variety of grilled meats, which are not abundant in the area, and a rich fish from the Bay of Biscay, topped with delicious homemade desserts.

Highly recommended the visit, for the views and the good table.

Text: © Ramón Molleda for desdeasturias.com

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