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Route to Collado Cerredo

The wildest of the Peaks

The wildest of the Peaks

We propose in this, a route of extraordinary beauty, one of the wildest and most beautiful corners of all the Picos de Europa: El Collado Cerredo. Someone once said: «Who does not know Collado Cerredo, does not know the Picos de Europa». And in this place we can enjoy all the grandeur and savagery of the beautiful geological chaos that these mountains constitute.

We will overcome some 850 m. of unevenness and the degree of difficulty is medium.
Time some 3 hours of rise and others approximately of descent. Day of some 6 hours of road.

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Where does the Amuesa route begin?

Leaving La Villa or Bulnes de Abajo, we will go to the other neighborhood, the Pueblu or Bulnes de Arriba (10 to 15 minutes approximately). We crossed completely this last neighborhood and at the end of the village we will see our right and down to the Tejo Canal or Las Salidas de Bulnes, the historic access road to the town. We follow the route that goes up little by little and takes us to the source El Tornu. We are at the 810 level above sea level and we have walked approximately 25 minutes.

Follow the route through a relatively flat terrain (the Llanos del Tornu) and with walls to our right and channels to Mount Acebuco on our left until We began to take the painful Canal de Amuesa. Going up in a continuous zig-zag we will arrive after about an hour and a quarter to an area of ​​prairie known as El Motillal and on the level of the 1.150 m. And it continues climbing the route through quarry areas until it reaches an abandoned trough and that shortly after it will lead us to a point where the road forks in two. We are in Val de la Fuente. The road that goes to the right will take us directly to the Majada de Amuesa. We will continue to face the source of Amuesa to 1.394 m. Attention to this place, it is our last source in the whole route. To obtain water (in times of little rain) we must lift the existing metal lid and with a canteen collect it taking care to keep this space clean. We will walk from hour forty-five to two hours. We went up a little more and we arrive at Collado de Cima, high superior of the Amuesa Channel and to our right we have in sight the huts of the flock. On our left the Cuesta del Trabe that climbs towards the Jou de los Cabrones. On the back the Amuesa Canal that we have climbed, the town of Bulnes and in the distance the Collado Pandébano.

To go to Collado Cerredo, we will take course west and we will walk through the meadows of Amuesa at our whim, where we will best see but having as an important reference that we should leave to our left a pond known as the Sellón de Llagu or Charca de Amuesa. Pond used to drink cattle. We will go to the forests that we have in sight to place ourselves completely above them. All trees without exception should be on our right below us. The trees belong to the known as Monte Llué. The way we will look for it at our whim (there is currently no well marked) always having the reference of the trees to the right and below without going too far from them and walking parallel to them. We will end up focusing our eyes to a spectacular view of the summits of the western massif of the Picos de Europa and immediately we are located in Collado Cerredo to 1.485 m. of altitude We have an 3 hours walk from Bulnes.

We will have to advance on the rocky spur that which prow of boat advances on the abysses that lead to the Throat of the Cares. Our eyes will contemplate a spectacular place: rocky spurs and summits of the central massif, the channel of Piedrabellida going down towards the Cares, the town of Caín, the Throat of the Cares in the depths to 1.000 m. below us, the channels of the western massif collapsing on the Cares, the Santa Peña and many summits, the flocks of Ondón and Ostón, Llerosos, etc. An absolute spectacle worthy of enjoyment in a lost place and off classic routes. A place full of peace and beauty, we will rarely find someone here.

Text and photo report The Chiflon House

Text: © Ramón Molleda for desdeasturias.com

Total distance: 5126 m
Max elevation: 1508 m
Min elevation: 713 m
Total climbing: 44 m
Total descent: -837 m
Total Time: 03:17:51
Travel: Bulnes - Collado Cerrero


This route is advisable to always do it in good weather.
The beauty of the landscape and the danger of losing it in the foggy pastures of Amuesa do not make the route advisable in bad weather.

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