Rural tourism in Asturias

Rural tour around towns

Rural tour around towns

Much time has been required to set the rural tourism, and in Asturias, it has been developing quickly, thanks to the different options for spending time: enjoying the nature, culture, gastronomy, museums, traditional events, you can also visit wonderful villages and enjoy their beautiful sights.

It is important to mention the high quality of hostels and rural houses. The lodgings are comfortable and beautiful to spend a good holiday. These reasons explain the establisment of rural tourism in this area.

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Rural tourism has been developing in small villages. In the 80's the Principality of Asturias was the first in developing this kind of tourism. In 1987 a congress of Rural Tourism was convoked in Covadonga in order to set the basis of tourism in Spain. In this congress two innovatory decisions appeared in Asturias and in the rest of the country: Taramundi with the Rectoral and Peñamellera with La Tahona.

Now, the Principality increases by 6% the total rural tourism of the country, making Asturias one of the most famous for this tourism in summertime. New iniciatives have been developed for this tourism in the countryside and mountains, places that used to be depressed. the Asturian shops and the Asturian restaurants You have been helping the growth of this tourism.

New tourism and adventure companies have been established in Asturias, offering comfortable hostels for tourists, further helping in that way the rural Asturian tourism. The variety of options for relaxing and the alternatives for spending spare time in Asturias, make this tourism attractive for people of all ages.

Although the months of July and August are the most crowded of the year, business also goes well during Christmas and Easter. The rural tourism in Autumn and Winter offers natural sites from the noisy cities in a rustic environment with modern comforts. The asturian towns offer wonderful landscapes, culture, snowy mountains, cliffs and sea. Also the rich gastronomy of this region makes a visit to the villages and their surroundings very worthwhile.

In spring, the Principality of Asturias offers a variety of routes for the weekends.These firms are in charge of encouraging people to take a walk in the middle of nature and many other activities to partake in when the weather is good.

Excursions on bikes, in 4 × 4, on horseback or practicing different sports activities are the most popular activities. One can also buy here typical products of the region, enjoying the landscape at the same time. All this shows the real value of the Asturian heritage.

Rural houses in Asturias They are very popular in this region. In these houses you can get closer to nature and to the Asturian traditions and culture. Over the last 7 years the number of rural houses has increased from 50 to 500, thus showing the prosperity of this business. These houses can be rented in two ways: renting the available rooms with breakfast included, or renting the whole house which is obviously more expensive. These houses are well accomodated with all kinds of services and they are identified with the anagram CA.

Rural hotels in Asturias can be found in places rich with traditional architecture throughout the region. These hotels are of high quality between 1 and 5 stars, depending on the available services.

Tourist apartments in Asturias They are also well accomodated providing a dining-room, one or two bedrooms, a kitchen and a bathroom. These rural apartments in some cases even keep the traditional architectural construction: old houses restored retaining their original charm. In other cases, they are new houses but with some traditional elements of the old ones, according to the type of construction and the surroundings. These apartments can have 1 and 4 keys depending on services.

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