Driving routes Asturias

Routes to discover Asturias

Driving routes Asturias

Routes to discover Asturias

To travel through Asturias, we suggest several itineraries, to be done by car, with a detailed description of each route and the most interesting places to visit.

By car you can take a complete tour of the cultural and artistic legacy, as well as discover the forests, parks and natural monuments of Asturias. All this through the Routes of the Pre-Romanesque, the Prehistoric Routes or the Gastronomic Routes. Many small roads to get lost, to explore forests, mountains, good hiking trails and a good range of tourist services without saturation.

Route Espinaredo, Piloña

From Infiesto to Espinaredo and Riofabar. Piloña. Central area of ​​Asturias.
In this village there is the highest concentration of granaries in all of Asturias. In Espinaréu hórreos and paneras coexist, these last ones are very similar to the first ones but of greater capacity, with six pegoyos instead of four, corridor, balustrade and greater number of ornaments. Just three kilometers from the rural center, along the winding road that leads to Riofabar, we discover two excellent places to rest: the La Pesanca recreational area and the Miera Arboretum, located on the banks of the Infierno river. Without a doubt, an excursion to do with the little ones of the house.

More info Espinaredo.

Route Tielve-Sotres

Cabrales, Picos de Europa.
From Arenas de Cabrales we link with the AS-264 towards Poncebos, continue for 5 kms. to get to Tielve.
Cheese remains the epicenter of the activity. Cabrales de Tielve is one of the tastiest in the area, with centuries of tradition and a good number of national and international awards. Located about 700 meters above sea level and inhabited by less than a hundred people. A mountain village with stone houses, with the Church of San Cristobal presiding over a square where there is no lack of such characteristic elements as the laundry room or the bowling alley.

If we follow the winding road we arrive at Sotres, the highest town in the Asturian geography, after 11 kilometers from Poncebos.
Nucleus in a certain urbanized level, where farmers, adventurers and entrepreneurs coexist. There is a high level of hospitality, mountain guides, and a high quality of artisan products, authentic jewels of tradition, both in food (sausages, meats, cheeses) and in prized objects of folk art that springs up between mountains. There are also no Cabrales cheese makers.

More info Tielve.
More info Sotres.

Route Monte Peloño

Put. Eastern Asturias.
To get to Peloño, it is best to go to Cangas de Onís, once you have passed the bridge over the Sella River, we continue along the road from El Pontón N-625 to Santillán (Km. 75). On the right hand side, the AS-261 road takes us to San Juan de Beleño (Km 88), from here we take the PO - 1 road, there is a climb of about 3 Km to the Llomena pass (990 m. ) where we left the vehicle.

The 200.000 beeches of the Peloño forest, in the municipality of <Ponga, are dressed in fashion: with an intense green during the spring and a sober brown color in the autumn-winter season. Its 15 square kilometers of clothing are protected (Partial Nature Reserve) and make it a unique space in Spain, a huge parasol that contains atmospheric humidity as in few places.

More info Hayedo Peloño.

Route Ports of Marabio

Teverga Central area Asturias.
We left Oviedo by the A-63 until Grado. We continue on the N-634 to Trubia. And then by the AS-228 to Entrago, about 40 kilometers from Oviedo.

A mountain located in a mid mountain environment that is unique to plan family outings. In Marabio different territories converge: the councils of Yernes and Tameza, Teverga and Santo Adriano.
Its maximum height is the Picu Caldoveiro, summit that reaches the 1351 meters of altitude. Through the ports of Marabio crossed an old royal road, which served as a route in the Jacobean pilgrimages: the French route, which, starting from Oviedo, ascended to the ports from Sograndio to link then with the Roman road of the Mesa and cross the mountain range through the port of the same name, in Somiedo.

More info Ports of Marabio.

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