Heritage routes

Heritage routes

Route of the heritage of Gijón. Urban and rural itineraries to know our history.

The Heritage Routes they are a set of guided visits whose main objective is to help the people of Gijón to discover some little known aspects, or to deepen in others, their cultural heritage. Itineraries through the city and through the rural area; spaces for art, history and nature that will help to recover our collective memory, to interpret the aspects that make up our identity.

Start of the program on October 16.
The excursions that are planned for this quarter are the following:

Your city in five museums

- Archaeological-Natural Park of the Campa Torres: indigenous settlements and romanization (16 of October)

- Muséu del Pueblu d'Asturies: the society of the Old Regime (19 of October)

- Museo Casa Natal de Jovellanos: the Gijón that Jovellanos met (November 6)

- Railway Museum of Asturias: industrialization and transport (November 8)

- Celestine Solar Citadel: urban growth and housing (November 14)

The most rural landscape. For the Romanesque churches of the council. 16 and 25 for October.

The Oriental parishes and the Labor University. 17 and 24 for October.

Roman Gijón. Route through the archaeological sites of the council. 19 for October.

The architecture and its surroundings. The Gijón of the early twentieth century. 30 for October.

Coal, rail and port. 31 for October.

The Natahoyo. The transformation of an urban landscape. November 15.

Signups The registration can be done in person or by telephone in the following places:

CMI L'Arena. C / Canga Argüelles, 16-18. Tel. 985 181 622 / 623

CMI El Coto. Plaza de la República, s / n. Tel. 985 181 766 / 711

CMI Ateneo La Calzada. C / Ateneo Obrero, 1. Tel. 985 181 402 / 413

CMI El Llano. C / Río de Oro, 37. Tel. 985 185 253 / 240

CMI Pumarín Gijón-Sur. C / Ramón Areces, 7. Tel. 985 181 659


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