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Dobra River, San Vicente Pot

A jacuzzi in the Dobra

Dobra River, San Vicente Pot

A jacuzzi in the Dobra

Here we propose an affordable, simple route, without major differences, but no less attractive than others or less beautiful. It is a full-fledged excursion, suitable for all ages, with just half an hour or 45 minutes of travel.

The road does not have any kind of loss. You just have to follow the path. There are no bifurcations or branches that confuse us. A unique direction that leads us to a rewarding ending and, if the weather goes along, refreshing.

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There are few occasions for the mountain to find a deep and deep pool. The San Vicente pot is worth visiting. We have not deceived you, the bathroom is guaranteed and the beauty of the place as well.

Surroundings of the San Vicente Pot

The Dobra river It is one of the most vertical of the Asturian orography. It is born in the Leon slope of the Picos de Europa and ends its route yielding its waters to the Sella. Although its route is short, it allows different options to enjoy nature. In its highest basin it is only suitable for the practice of canyoning, creating a narrow and steep gorge. A few kilometers before your arrival in Tornín, in Cangas de Onis, the river passes through exuberant landscapes of Amieva. In this last section the Dobra calms down, find the flat and open terrain by which we will undertake the route on foot.

Baptized by the Celts as "Dubrán", it means "water", the river has its own name that comes to your hair. In our excursion we will discover that the water could well be called «Dobra», because in a few places like this one pays better tribute to the liquid of life. However many words and translations are used, after this mountain walk we will stay with «Dobra». Before reaching the Pot of San Vicente we will find more pools and pots, deep and clear that is filling another moving water, with extraordinary vitality. In our small tour we find all the possibilities of human grooming: bathtubs, waterfall-shaped showers, hot tubs, swimming pools ... Around it grows vegetation, neat and nourished by that same water of the Dobra. On our way we observe wide spots of native forest blooming on the banks. Ash, maples, elms, alders, willows ... As we ascend, chestnuts, oak woods and beech woods appear.

Water and forest in its purest form, and all this sprinkled with mountains. The Dobra River conserves crystalline waters among other reasons because it is exempt from all types of pollution, not having any human settlement in its watershed. That is why the route that we detail below entails an extreme respect. In your walk do not do anything to change their natural condition or cleanliness, after you will go others who want to find the Dobra and its shores intact, as a legacy close to the majestic Picos de Europa. Leave a mark, but only with your boots. Know that once in the Pot of San Vicente nature is at your disposal to remove sweat and perhaps stress. In addition to the great extension of the lagoon, in some points the water exceeds five meters of depth. Enjoy the bathroom.

Although its crystalline waters never get hot at all, between June and September they are in their best time for the bathroom and nobody will be disappointed.

How to get to Olla San Vicente?

We take the road that leaves Cangas de Onís in direction to Puerto del Pontón (N-625), and about six kilometers, after passing a village called Tornín you will see on the left of the road a restaurant-sale. Leave the car there same. The road starts very close.

The walk will last between 30 or 40 minutes, the footwear must be comfortable but does not require great demands either. The first part of the route, following the course of the Dobra, runs through a track that will later become a path.

The road is perfectly laid until the San Vicente Pot and there is no mention of it. Besides the attractiveness of the river and the surrounding nature, we find good examples of traditional architecture in the form of cabins, and some other older construction like the Roman stone bridge or Puente Viejo, about 200 meters from the beginning of the route. Crossing the bridge begins another very attractive route, the path of the Archdeacon. From the Old Bridge we can entertain ourselves observing the course of the Dobra and the beauty of the place.

We will not deviate here, we will continue where we left off, following in parallel the fluvial route. We continue along the track until we come to a small valley called The Pandiella, where there are some cabins, meadow and small pomarada. A few meters (about 5 minutes) the road narrows to form a path stuck to the river and carved in the limestone. We arrived at the height of beautiful waterfalls. A little later we will cross an alder and hazel tunnel and we will reach the San Vicente pot. About it we discover an esplanade adorned with leafy lime trees, an ideal place to eat a sandwich or start bath preparations.

Text: © Ramón Molleda for desdeasturias.com

Total distance: 6651 m
Max elevation: 156 m
Min elevation: 66 m
Total climbing: 544 m
Total descent: -542 m
Total Time: 02:44:22
Travel: Round trip
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