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Ribadesella Joven

Ribadesella Joven

Ribadesella Joven
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    The "Young Ribadesella" is approaching, this initiative repeats another year and they hope to repeat the success of last year.

    For the second year these leisure activities will be held for the youngest, they take place outdoors in the different places of Rio de Janeiro.

    This year they begin on November 3 and there will be room for one of the most popular activities in Ribadesella «El Descenso del Sella», as well as others such as caving, canyons, Cossatering, snowshoeing…; they are totally free activities.
    From the municipality of Riosellano encourage participation to enjoy nature.

    For more information and registration you have to call 985 86 14 92 phone, Municipal Sports Center, from the 10 day in October, day that the lists will be opened.

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