Ribadesella: basic information

What to see and do, where to sleep, beaches ... Ribadesella

What to see and do, where to sleep, beaches ... Ribadesella

Ribadesella is a privileged enclave, its situation at the edge of the sea and its unique shape make it a unique place.
It takes its name from the mouth of the Sella River, one of the most important in Asturias, known for its salmon and for the International Descent of said river.

The town of Ribadesella is the capital of a municipality surrounded by mountains, beaches and cliffs. Without going any further, in the urban area many of the attractions of the council are condensed (municipality of Tourist Excellence from 1997). Apart from enjoying the local heritage and culture, it is easy to get close to the beach, the cliffs, different viewpoints and protected natural environments without going too far from the limits of its urban core.

It limits to the north with the Bay of Biscay, to the south with the councils of Cangas de Onís and Parres, to the east with the council of Llanes and to the west with the council of Caravia.

How to get there

Starting from Oviedo take the national highway N-634 in the direction of Lieres. Continue on the N-634 until you reach the junction with the National Highway N-632. Continue on it until you reach Ribadesella.


84 Km. Of Oviedo.

70 Km. Of Gijón.

93 Km. De Avilés.

25 Km. Of Llanes.

98 Km. De Mieres.

95 Km. Of Navia.

Brief History

Stands out above all rock heritage, from the Upper Palaeolithic, found in the Tito Bustillo Cave and along the Ardines Massif, which year after year brings new discoveries of a relevant primitive culture settled on the banks of the Sella.

During the Middle Ages a considerable splendor was experienced thanks to the shipyards, which were nourished by the wood that was lowered by the Sella, and maritime trade, especially salt, essential for the salting of fish.

The estuary of Sella was an important whaling enclave. During the 18th century Ribadesella tried to consolidate itself as the first Asturian port and port of connection with Castile. But, perhaps under the influence of Jovellanos, the investments went to the port of Gijón and to the Pajares highway.

In 1865, after the widening, a wooden bridge was built over the Sella, which was replaced by another iron bridge in 1892. This was destroyed in 1937 by avatars of the Civil War and in 1940 the current concrete bridge was inaugurated.

In the sixties and seventies it was finished urbanizing the beach of Santa María beach, leaving the village as we know it today.


Route of Cuerres.

Route of the Cuevona.

Route of Tresmonte.


San Juan (June 24).

Virgin of the Guide (First Sunday of July).

Santa Marina (August 25).

International descent of the Sella. Festival of International Tourist Interest (First Saturday of August).


Weekly market: every Wednesday.


Cheese Fair, 10 of August (Cuerres).

Contest-Exhibition of cattle, 21 of September (Ribadesella).

food festivals:

Cheese Fair: Cuerres, 16 in August.

Gastronomic Days of the Sea: Ribadesella, beginning of June.

Tourist Office: The Pier. Tno: 985 86 00 38.

Town hall: Plaza de la Reina María Cristina s / n.

Más info:

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coordinates Latitude: 43.4617805 Length: -5.0588822
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