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Michelin star restaurants 2017

Michelin star restaurants 2017

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Michelin star restaurants 2017
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    Asturian restaurants maintain their distinctions from the previous year. The Michelin 2017 Guide for Spain and Portugal has been presented in the Mas Maroch space, outside the city of Gerona and as far as Asturias is concerned, there have been no changes compared to the 2016.

    Restaurant with 2 Estrellas Michelin Asturias

    Casa Marcial from La Salgar, Parres.
    Nacho Manzano continues to fall in love with his cuisine, traditional and Asturian products.

    Restaurants with 1 Michelin Star Asturias

    · The Corral del Indiano, by José Antonio Campoviejo, located in Arriondas. Cook: José Antonio Campoviejo.
    · Arbidel, by Jaime Uz, located in Ribadesella. Cook: Jaime Uz.
    · Retirement, by Ricardo Sotres, located in Pancar, Llanes. Cook: Ricardo González Sotres.
    · Restaurant Auga, of Gijón. Cook: Gonzalo Pañeda.
    · The Salgar, from Gijón. Cook: Esther Manzano.
    · Casa Gerardo, from Prendes, Carreño. Pedro and Marcos Morán in front.
    · Real Balneario de Salinas, located in Castrillón. Isaac Loya in front.

    Our congratulations to all of them for maintaining the high level of demand.
    Enjoy it!

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