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Michelin starred restaurants in Asturias

Michelin starred restaurants in Asturias

Michelin starred restaurants in Asturias

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    The Michelin stars have already been renewed again, and this 2015 that is coming will count in Asturias with one more star, that of the chef Ricardo Sotres del El Retiro de Pancar Restaurant, Llanes.

    The Michelin Guide awarded stars in 2014 to 171 restaurants in Spain, 8 stars stayed in Asturias. The two new additions to the French guide for 2014 were: «La Salgar», by Gijón, where Esther Manzano officiates, hand in hand with her brother Nacho, «Arbidel», by Ribadesella, with chef Jaime Uz at the stove; each with a star.

    The restaurant riosellano Arbidel appears among our customers since it opened its doors.
    A just reward for the sensational work they do in our gastronomy every day.

    Michelin Stars of Asturias


    Two Michelin stars
    Martial House Nacho Manzano. The Salgar, Parres.

    A Michelin star
    The Corral del Indianu. Arriondas.
    Auga Gijón
    The Salgar. Gijón
    Gerardo House You light
    Arbidel Ribadesella.
    Real Spa. Salinas
    Retirement. Pancar, Llanes.

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