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Restaurants with Michelin Star 2018

Restaurants with Michelin Star 2018

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Restaurants with Michelin Star 2018
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    The new Michelin Guide Spain & Portugal 2018 leaves the same sky of stars in Asturias. This is the third consecutive year in which the region has not added new stars, although it does not lose them either. The principality keeps its stars in eight restaurants: Casa Marcial continues with two, followed by Casa Gerardo, Auga, La Salgar, El Corral del Indianu, Real Balneario, Arbidel and El Retiro, with one.

    One by one each restaurant:

    Restaurant with 2 Estrellas Michelin Asturias

    · Casa Marcial, by Nacho Manzano, keeps maintaining two stars. The restaurant is located in La Salgar, in the municipality of Parres. The first one was won by 1999 and the second by 2010.

    Restaurant with 1 Estrella Michelin Asturias

    · Casa Gerardo, restaurant located in Prendes, got the Michelin star at the beginning of the 90 years. Pedro Morán and his son Marcos are the fourth and fifth generation of a family dedicated to cooking.

    · The Corral del Indianu, the restaurant of José Antonio Campoviejo in Arriondas has been collecting stars for another year.

    · The Royal Spa of Salinas defends its star, its strong points are fish and seafood. Isaac Loya is the new generation of a family dedicated to cooking.

    · In Gijón, two restaurants have a star, one is Auga, directed by restaurateur Gonzalo Pañeda and the other is The Salgar, by Esther Manzano, sister of Nacho, in the Michelin Guide from 2013.

    · That same year, 2013, Jaime Uz achieved the star for Arbidel, located in Ribadesella. The commitment to the product and quality are key to its success.

    · In 2014, the restaurant broke into the guide Retirement, is located in Pancar, in the municipality of Llanes. Ricardo González Sotres is at the forefront of this culinary adventure.

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