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The dock
Crane Walk 52,


A new tapas and cider restaurant: The Pier. It is located in a privileged place, at the foot of the estuary, on Manuel Caso street in the Villa de Ribadesella.

In your letter you find seafood and fish from the Cantabrian Sea and rice dishes, meats and homemade desserts.

Cantabrian anchovies with peppers, seafood skillet, Galician octopus, grilled prawns, prawn cocktail, scrambled eggs, “El Muelle” salad from ventresca, homemade ham croquettes, fried squid, sautéed tuna tacos -in season-, squid scare from jars, Asturian cheeses.

· RICE ·
Rice with clams "El Muelle", rice with lobster and rice with sandwiches and oricios.

Fried clams in their juice, fine razor clams, andarica, barnacles, mussels in vinaigrette, spider crab.
Depending on the daily offer of la rula, since our product is local.

T-bone steak, red meat steak and beef fillet.

Rice pudding, hazelnut tart, flan and ice cream.

coordinates Latitude: 43.4655838 Length: -5.0590162 qualifying.

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